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Mental Health Insights from the Characters of Prabhu Ram

Mental health is a complex and nuanced aspect of human existence, and exploring its intricacies through the lens of literature can provide valuable insights. One such literary masterpiece that delves into the depths of human psychology is the epic Ramayana, where the characters, particularly Prabhu Ram, offer profound lessons about mental well-being. In this article, […]

Tripping over the Truth – Rebuilding Emotional Stability

“94% of the time, the way a discussion starts determines the way it will end.”  – Dr. John Gottman Love often encompasses acceptance, as it involves embracing someone with their strengths and weaknesses. True love is accepting someone unconditionally, which means loving them despite their imperfections. We all want a fairytale, smooth marriage/relationship with our […]

“Navigating the Storm: Menopause’s Profound Impact on Women’s Mental and Physical Health”

The natural biological process known as menopause, which signals the end of a woman’s reproductive years, is a major life transition that has an impact on women in several ways. Not only can it affect the end of menstruation, but it can also have a significant impact on a woman’s physical and mental health. In […]

Jeeva Rangaraj: A transgender who serves as a beacon of hope for all

For transgender individuals, the path to recognition and assertion of their true identity often presents formidable obstacles, frequently leading to strained relationships with their families and society. However, within this struggle to live authentically, many individuals emerge as beacons of light, advocating not only for their own rights but also for the rights of others. […]

Importance of good ‘Doctors Patients Relationship’ as an additional therapy

The relationship between doctors and their patients has received philosophical, sociological, and literary attention since Hippocrates. A good doctor-patient relationship is essential for effective healthcare delivery and its basic foundation of treatment. It also has a significant impact on patient care and overall patient health outcomes. What makes the doctor-patient relationship so special: 1) Trust […]


Mensuration commonly known as the menstrual cycle is a natural process that occurs in the bodies of women. The menstrual cycle is a fundamental part of women’s reproductive system and typically occurs on a monthly basis. During mensuration, women’s body goes through several changes that cause pain, discomfort, and uneasiness in their body. Yoga can […]

Why Mindfulness is Important Tool for Building Better Mental and Physical Health

In today’s fast-paced modern society, we are all subjected to an endless stream of stress, information overload, and the constant buzz of technology. These daily pressures can take a significant toll on our mental and physical health, leading to burnout, anxiety, and depression. Not only do they impact our happiness and well-being, but they can […]

Emotional Resilience

Days of darkness, nights that feel far too lonely,  A mind overburdened with fears and doubts,  Uncertainties of your mind, only.  In my work as an educator & entrepreneur, I come across heartbreaking stories of children and adults who are silently sinking into the darkness of depression and anxiety. Their fear of their fears, their […]

Sexual Disorders

Sex plays an important role in shaping human lives. It has been realised that the sex impulse is present in various forms from the earliest months after birth until the end of life. Being a basic instinct like hunger, it’s satisfaction is essential for sustained harmony and well being. Sexual activity, however, demands complete concentration […]

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