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7 Environmental Thoughts We Need To Internalize To Build A Sustainable Future

Introduction In recent years, the topic of the environment has been gaining more prominence in the global discourse. This is due to the ever-increasing climate change, loss of biodiversity, and various forms of pollution threatening our planet. To ensure a sustainable and green future, here are seven environmental thoughts we need to internalize and act […]

Greening Healthcare: How the Health-Tech Industry Can Lead the Way

The impact of the healthcare ecosystem on the environment is often not given adequate attention. At a global level, the healthcare sector accounts for over 4.4% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that emissions generated during the cooling of hospitals alone equal those coming from over 110 coal-fired power plants. The alarming fact is that India is among […]

Bioenergy: India’s Roadmap to Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2070

India is the third largest consumer of primary energy after the US and China. It has recorded a 4 per cent growth rate in energy consumption over the last decade, primarily driven by the expanding economy, burgeoning population, rapid urbanization and industrialization. At present, India’s energy consumption is largely dependent on carbon-based fossil fuels – […]

Prospects and Challenges of Biofuels in Reducing Carbon Emissions

Reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change have become more pressing than ever. The search for cleaner and sustainable energy sources intensifies as traditional fossil fuels continue contributing to the escalating environmental crisis. Biofuels, derived from organic matter, present a promising solution.  Current Initiatives Advait Infratech, a leading player in the energy sector, is actively involved in green energy […]

Say No to Plastic Pollution

Our lives now include a lot of plastic, and getting rid of it presents a big environmental challenge. If plastic garbage is not adequately managed, it might have catastrophic repercussions for species and ecosystems. Plastic waste frequently finds its way into landfills, where it can take hundreds of years to disintegrate. But even in landfills, plastic can release dangerous chemicals and tiny plastic particles […]

Top 5 Brands That Are Leading the Way in Sustainable Initiatives

In an era where environmental concerns are at the forefront, many brands are taking significant steps to adopt sustainable practices. These brands are taking initiatives and working towards reducing their carbon footprint, conserving resources, and promoting ethical practices. In this article, we will explore brands that are leading the way in sustainable initiatives, setting a positive example for others to follow. Ecofy Ecofy is a pioneering NBFC created to finance India’s […]

The Food Affairs

On World Food Safety Day, as the Founder of Delhi’s leading catering company, The Food Affairs, I, Sarita Bazaz, would like to take this opportunity to shed light on the need to emphasize healthy eating. With hectic schedules and the abundance of processed food options readily available, many individuals struggle to prioritize healthy eating in their daily lives. While the importance of healthy food is undeniable, there is also a growing possibility […]


Food is a basic necessity of life and has been consumed for decades to save life. The concept of Food safety made awareness and encouraged stakeholders to participate in the growth of GDP. Nowadays the number of businesses has evolved in Food Sector to meet the demand of customers. The Food Safety and Regulatory Ecosystem needs constant adaptation to emerging food hazards, new technologies, pandemic scenarios, […]

Environment – A Therapy for Mental Health

A variety of things play a role in poor mental health. Genetics, past experiences, and diet have many impacts on life. However, many of us overlook the variables when attempting to identify the root causes of our mental health issues in which we go about our daily lives. According to Gurpreet Arora, founder of Make Me Pure-  It is crucial […]

The Future of EVs in Making Green India

The future of EVs in India is very promising and has the potential to make a significant impact on making India greener. The Indian government has been promoting EVs by launching various initiatives, schemes and policies to support EV adoption and manufacturing. AMO Mobility One of the major challenges in India is reducing carbon emissions from the transportation sector, which is a significant contributor to […]

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