Environment – A Therapy for Mental Health

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A variety of things play a role in poor mental health. Genetics, past experiences, and diet have many impacts on life. However, many of us overlook the variables when attempting to identify the root causes of our mental health issues in which we go about our daily lives. According to Gurpreet Arora, founder of Make Me Pure- 

It is crucial to consider the larger context of our life while treating mental health difficulties. It includes the environment in which we live. Physical environmental elements are ‘hard’ factors to the environment like toxins, noises, and so forth.

‘Soft’ social variables are frequently associated with them, although they can also happen independently. It is well-recognized that poor sleep hygiene and sleep deprivation are detrimental to mental health. Numerous environmental influences, not all under our control, may impact sleep patterns. Noisy neighbours, a loud road close by, evenings that are too warm or cold, creaking architecture—all of these factors and more—could lead to restless nights and, as a result, to a decline in mental health.

Shared By : Mr. Gurpreet Singh Arora

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Mr Gurpreet Singh Arora is a founder member of the organization ‘Make Me Pure’ with the motive to transform people into better versions of themselves. So, mental health is not a hindrance to growth and development. Thereby making sure everyone lives a healthy and contented life. He is a government-trained teacher in Hypno-councillor, DMIT Counsellor, NLP Practitioner, Past Life Regression Expert, and Reiki Grand Master at Make Me Pure. In addition to these, He is also a licensed career coach and a trained hypnotherapist.

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