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Environment – A Therapy for Mental Health

A variety of things play a role in poor mental health. Genetics, past experiences, and diet have many impacts on life. However, many of us overlook the variables when attempting to identify the root causes of our mental health issues in which we go about our daily lives. According to Gurpreet Arora, founder of Make Me Pure-  It is crucial […]

The Future of EVs in Making Green India

The future of EVs in India is very promising and has the potential to make a significant impact on making India greener. The Indian government has been promoting EVs by launching various initiatives, schemes and policies to support EV adoption and manufacturing. AMO Mobility One of the major challenges in India is reducing carbon emissions from the transportation sector, which is a significant contributor to […]

The Vital Role of Accessibility in Safeguarding Mental Well-Being

In a world where physical barriers often overshadow the human spirit, the importance of an accessible environment cannot be overstated. Behind every statistic and news headline lies a deeply personal journey of struggle, resilience, and longing for inclusion. For the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women, new mothers, war and natural calamity victims, and children, […]

South Asian Women on Ancient Wellness Practices that help them connect to roots

The very famous Hindi phrase, “Khush Raho”, is an all-time heard saying in all South East Asian households, especially that of India. It is a short blessing and a seemingly mundane expression that was used and said. Now the value of it since the pandemic has grown and self-care side by side as incorporated by older generations especially those […]

Lessening The Carbon Footprint

Increased levels of Carbon footprint has become a global issue. It is creating havoc for both man and animals. All the nations have pledged to get a zero carbon footprint by the year 2050.But what is this Carbon footprint which is causing havoc for all living beings.carbon footprint is said to be the amount of […]

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