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Empowering Change: Female Developers Revolutionizing Indian Real Estate through Green and Eco-Friendly Investments

As Oprah Winfrey aptly puts it, “Think like a queen. A queen isn’t fearful of failing. Failure is a step towards greatness.” This perfectly describes the development that female builders are taking in India who aren’t only stepping stones but are advancing into making real estate more sustainable by investing in green and sustainable investment. The entrepreneurial ecosystem in India has seen a dramatic change, […]

Boost Your Business Brilliance

In the fast-paced world of corporate governance, the role of directors, particularly independent directors, is pivotal. To excel in this capacity and stand out in the competitive corporate landscape, it’s essential to equip oneself with the right knowledge and strategies. In this section, we delve into the nuances of becoming a successful independent director, providing […]

Navigating the Public Relations Territory – The journey of a dynamic PR Professional

In the dynamic and ever-evolving area of Public Relations (PR), the journey of Nimisha Agarwal shines as a healthy combination of strategic skills, creative finesse, and relentless dedication. With a hungry passion for communication and a knack for navigating diverse industries, Nimisha has carved a remarkable path through luxury, lifestyle, education, and tech brands, leaving an indelible mark at every juncture. Nimisha’s professional voyage commenced […]

World of Health & Wellness

SONA Pure Essentials is a World of Health & Wellness. It was founded in September 2021, by Surabhi Gupta, a passionate entrepreneur at heartShe fosters a VISION to nurture the essence of mother nature & promote a healthy lifestyle for all.She works dedicatedly with a MISSION to deliver 100% natural & certified organic products of exemplary quality, right at your doorstep across pan-India. STRENGTHS:  **The ecosystem works closely […]

Pioneering Sustainable Growth and Women’s Empowerment: Suvarna Bhat

Meet Suvarna Bhat, a mompreneur with a mission to empower communities, especially women in tier 2 and 3 cities, to thrive beyond survival. As the Founder of IIPL Consulting, Co-founder of Shreemz, and Founder of Bhoomiputri by Kadamba, she champions sustainable well-being. Suvarna’s career is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring leadership, and unwavering commitment to creating lasting social impact. Her passion project focuses […]

Skyward Bound: Vijay’s Journey of Resilience and Record-Breaking Achievements

As a Commercial Pilot and an Aviation Consultant, I’ve faced my share of challenges, but none so formidable as the ones my brother, Vijay Kumar Devarkhyani, confronts daily. Diagnosed with an 82% Locomotor Disability, including Cerebral Palsy and Mental Retardation, Vijay’s journey could have been one of limitations. Instead, it’s a soaring tale of courage […]

Cultivating Positivity

Positivity, for me, is an amalgamation of vision, resilience, and a steadfast belief in the power of innovation. As we stand at the cusp of a new year, my perspective is rooted in the potential that lies ahead—the potential to redefine boundaries, reimagine possibilities, and recalibrate our strategies to align with a future that is […]

Surgical Precision Meets Glamour

Dr. Aishwarya Paatapati Crowned The Miss Globe India 2023 – Surgical Precision Meets Glamour: Dr. Aishwarya Paatapati Wins The Miss Globe India 2023– From the Operation Theater to the Runway: Dr. Aishwarya Paatapati’s  Remarkable The Miss Globe India Victory– Miss Globe India 2023: Aishwarya Paatapati’s Journey from Healing Hands to Miss Celeste India the Pageant Stage In a spectacular […]

PIRUL Handicraft: Transforming Pine Waste into Empowerment and Livelihood Generation

Khetikhan, a picturesque village nestled in the Uttarakhand hills at an impressive altitude of 1815 meters, offers breathtaking vistas of the snow-capped Himalayas and expansive pine forests. Traditionally, the village thrived on cattle rearing and agriculture, but challenges like climate change, erratic rainfall, and wild boar disturbances have hindered their progress. Also, the abundance of pine needles in the […]

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