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weXchange: Encouraging Female Entrepreneurs Together

At weXchange, we believe in the power of women entrepreneurs to drive innovation, create impact, and shape the future of business. As part of the WomenShine community, we are dedicated to providing a supportive and inclusive space where women entrepreneurs can thrive, grow, and succeed. Our Mission weXchange’s goal is to enable female entrepreneurs by giving them access […]

Importance of Health Literacy in Women

Health misinformation is pervasive and can spread rapidly through various channels, including social media, websites, word-of-mouth, and even traditional media outlets. Misinformation about health topics can have serious consequences, as it may lead individuals to make uninformed decisions about their health, delay seeking medical treatment, or even engage in harmful practices. Being a female has […]

Pioneering Sustainable Growth and Women’s Empowerment: Suvarna Bhat

Meet Suvarna Bhat, a mompreneur with a mission to empower communities, especially women in tier 2 and 3 cities, to thrive beyond survival. As the Founder of IIPL Consulting, Co-founder of Shreemz, and Founder of Bhoomiputri by Kadamba, she champions sustainable well-being. Suvarna’s career is a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit, inspiring leadership, and unwavering commitment to creating lasting social impact. Her passion project focuses […]

Empowering Women in IT & Tech: Shaping the Future of Entrepreneurship and Pioneering Change for Global Innovation and Leadership

Women in leadership positions, implementing policies that support diversity and inclusion, and fostering a culture of equality and respect are essential steps towards achieving true gender parity in the tech industry. By recognizing the value that women bring to the table in terms of innovation, financial success, and cultural transformation, we can create a more […]


Setting boundaries, and saying NO can be challenging for most people, irrespective of their gender. However, the guilt, fear, and shame of saying NO is very common for women. Women are taught from childhood to be quiet, polite, giving, caring, nurturing and the list goes on. The whole idea of not wanting to hurt people’s […]

Levelling the Playing Field: Why Gender Equality Matters in the Workplace

Gender equality in the workplace is a fundamental principle that ensures equal job opportunities, fair treatment, and inclusivity for all employees, regardless of gender. It’s about fostering an environment where individuals, regardless of their gender identity, are empowered to access the same resources, receive comparable treatment, and contribute their unique perspectives towards a collective goal. This […]

Empowering Women Through Flexible Work

When the pandemic mandated work from home for everyone, the world was divided on the impact that it was expected to have on women at work. Well, about four years later (almost), the mandate is out. The numbers reveal that it did change the lives of women at work for the better. The labour participation […]

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Strategies for Overcoming Gender Bias in Indian Business Culture

India, a land of rich history and vibrant culture, faces a paradox when it comes to women in the workforce. While the nation boasts a growing female entrepreneurial ecosystem, deeply ingrained gender biases often act as roadblocks on their journeys to success. Primarily due to societal perceptions that confine them to domestic roles. However, the […]

Redefining Female Leadership: Rutvi Sheth

Rutvi Sheth’s leadership at Advait Infratech is a prime example of how women are redefining the dynamics of the corporate world. Her initiatives for gender equality, mentorship, flexible working arrangements, and inclusive culture demonstrate a commitment to creating a workplace where women are not just participating but leading and thriving. Under Rutvi’s guidance, Advait Infratech is setting a […]

Women Constructing Territory: Breaking Down the Numbers and Gender Disparities in the Indian Real Estate Market

A significant transformation is underway in the Indian real estate sector — the growing presence and influence of women. Traditionally perceived as a male-dominated domain, the real estate landscape is witnessing a paradigm shift as women step into roles as builders, investors, and decision-makers. This change not only reflects evolving societal norms but also highlights […]

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