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Role of nutrition in hairfall

Role of Nutrition in controlling Hair Fall in Monsoons  Come Monsoon, and the unusual HairFall leads to those scary days. Humidity and hair fall go hand-in-hand. So if you dread combing your hair and are scared of losing some more of your precious locks, you are not alone. So if you need to work upon […]

10 Ways to Look Rich and Stylish

The first dimension of communication is touched upon when others perceive your value in terms of how you look. I’m an internationally trained and certified Image Consultant and with over 14 years of my experience in the corporate, one thing I can assure you of is that the better you present yourself, the more chances […]


Fashion and food are the two celebratory ingredients of any festival especially our Indian festivals. We Indian are unapologetically unabashed in all our celebrations anyway, add the element of festivity, sprinkled with some religious rituals and we are sure to take it to another level of spectatorship altogether! Given the fact that the upcoming festivals […]

Colourful Wardrobe – Your Mood Booster

With the spread of COVID – 19, we were forced to stay indoors which can be very gloomy at times. Here is a trick to change the mood – simply change into colourful clothes.  Colours and emotions are closely linked; they can make you feel happy or sad, hungry or relaxed. The reactions come from […]

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