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Being Human Honors Farmers’ Associations for Sustainable Practices at India Fashion Forum 2024

In a poignant display of commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, it was Being Human Clothing, a leading brand in a conscious fashion, honoured farmers’ associations for their exemplary sustainable practices at the India Fashion Forum 2024. Hosted as part of the prestigious Images Fashion Awards, the event celebrated the glamour of the fashion industry and its growing emphasis on ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship. Mr. Bijou Kurien, Chairman, of the Retailers Association, […]

Leading the Way for ‘Made in India’ in Global Fashion

In the world of fashion, there are leaders, and then there are visionaries like Arpita Katyal. At the young age of 25 years, Arpita is not only an entrepreneur but also a symbol of change, progress, and a commitment to quality. She has embarked on a journey to bring international standards of fashion to the heart of India through her Made in India brand, Roperro. However, her […]

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