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The elegant traditional costume for Indian women yes, that’s a saree! Sari is a common and integral form of clothing for women across south Asia, draped around the body in different styles to form a garment. It is a seamless rectangular piece of fabric measuring between five to nine yards of varying pattern, colour, design, […]

Snehlata- an accidental writer

Snehlata Agarwala, is a software engineer by profession and, in her own words, an accidental writer. Being an avid reader, she has always been fascinated by books. Her favourite genre is suspense and thriller, though she writes romance. Initially, she started writing stories in Facebook groups, which eventually resulted in her co-founding a group, ‘The […]

“Wake Up Zindagi”-A ray of hope in the COVID times

-by Meenu Chopra While we welcomed 2020 with a positive note in India, the COVID clouds soon brought the waves of an unprecedented challenge across the globe. Every family during COVID times did bear the brunt on one or the other pretext viz. Health, Mental health, Job, Business, or Relationships. When the entire country was […]


I hop onto the lush grass on a clement day,A cloud of dragonflies hovers before my eyes,Throwing a vivacious curve ball my way,“Catch us if you dare!” Like tiny helicopters,The squadron darts across the azure skies,The foolhardy ones alight on my shoulders,Tickling my felicity, teasing my sleight of hand. Their wizardry has me running around […]


How many emotions can a person feel? Can everyone feel, or is there indifference? Indian dancers show us Nine, Navarasa ! An array of expressions, relatable, touching. Love that encompasses affection, intimacy, warmth, care Laughter, expression of joy, smiles and giggles Compassion is kindness for the lesser Anger more common than you’d believe If used […]

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