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The Queen tells her Story: Sutapa Basu

Sutapa is well-known for her best-selling historical fiction, Padmavati, The Queen Tells Her Own Story published in 2017 by Readomania Publishers. Her second historical fiction initiated the Invader Series with The Legend of Genghis Khan was published in 2018 by Readomania Publishers and continued with The Curse of Nader Shah was published in 2019 by Readomania Publishers.Sutapa’s short stories have appeared in anthologies, Crossed & Knotted, Defiant Dreams When They Spoke and Write India Stories. Her poems […]

The Lines of Separation: Book Preview

The Lines of Separation is a story of three women, Subhadra Menon, Zohra Khan and Rehana/Saraswati Sheikh. Each woman has a past that intersects at some point in the story. Subhadra the central character, having lost a lover, Altamash, to the Mumbai riots, is constantly in a state of guilt and yearning.  Rehana an illegal migrant from Bangladesh, who changes her name to Saraswati, to assimilate into majoritarian India is a domestic […]

The Gomti – Our Identity

The Gomti is Lucknow’s lilting, soulful Raga,Different from the eternal, majestic Ganga.And yet…On its curling folds, whispers our distinctive historyWhile wrapped in a gossamer of mystery.Like the leisurely Nawabs, it meanders through the city.Its rippling waves sing in unisona harmonious rhapsody.This little insular river from the ‘bhabhar’Perhaps emerges only to be our saviour.Protecting the land […]

The Untold story of Shakti Peeth–Kalighat

Shakti means manifestations of the goddess of Sati, Parvati or Durga, the main deity of power in Hinduism. Mythology claims that on the death of the goddess Sati, out of grief and pain, Lord Shiva carried Sati’s body, and roamed around the universe with it. Shakti Peethas are those different parts of Goddess Shakti that […]

History Made at This Year Grammy Awards

One thing that people can tell about me is that I love cinema, and if you have been reading my articles, you know it. The fact is so simple and pure: I love cinema and I write often about it, especially about awards. However, this morning (UK time), another astonishing award ceremony that has nothing […]


Over the weekend, Beyoncé’s BeyHive was abuzz online with delight over their queen’s recent movements under the public eye. On Saturday, January 21st, Beyoncé took part in an upscale performance in Dubai, commemorating the grand opening of Atlantis the Royal. Prefacing the performance, multiple news outlets, journalists, and celebrities were invited to join Beyoncé for […]

Unknown Historical Monuments in India that you must visit

Image Credit By : India is home to one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Many dynasties and rulers, both from this land and foreign, have ruled this nation for several centuries and have left their marks on this land. While many of these marks are still prominent and known to the […]

Mumbai Art Fair

Boman Irani inaugurates Mumbai Art Fair, and leaves artists overwhelmed with his sincerity, simplicity, and supportBoman Irani, a celebrated actor, photographer, and vocalist inaugurated theMumbai Art Fair made a grand comeback after two years of the pandemic, bailing to bring back affordable art to the masses and to generate commercial income for artists. Over 650 […]

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Phool Singh is one of those first social reformers who worked for womeneducation and women emancipation. His first school, “Gurukul”, to educatewomen consisted of his own daughter and two other girls in Khanpur Kalan in That small effort has sustained to become a full-fledged university with twoschools , a polytechnic Institute, a ayurvedic medical […]

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