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Environment day

The trees gasp, even as they give us oxygen The rivers thirst even as they provide water The forests Starve,even as they give their abundance Animals die, even as we look on indifferently! The past years have shown the Mirror Slowing down helps Our Planet! Pledge needed today and everyday To understand, work responsibly  for […]

Mother Divine

Mother Divine! O’ Mother Divine! Let your light shine Mother Divine! O’ Mother Divine! Let your light shine When devils play these demons you slay restoring peace  and saving grace To ‘Life ‘ you give birth You nurse this Earth when love and compassion are shown by us Mother Divine! O’ Mother Divine! Let your […]

Stars from the Borderless Sea: Book & Author

Stars from the Borderless Sea, by Dr. Shalini Mullick, is a collection of three non-linked novella length stories, each of which has a strong, mature woman protagonist at its centre. Through their journeys, the book explores different nuances of love-and the layers of relationships. Even though it is essentially a romance read, the book moves […]

Conquering Cancer Together – Denise Coates

Denise loves to talk! So… writing came naturally and sharing her life experiences was something she just desired to do, to help others. Since experiencing breast cancer, she has dedicated her time to raising awareness around cancer and fundraising, working with various charities. She has been a Charity Ambassador for her local NHS, L&D Hospital, […]

Bollywood Scandals To Prostitution: Kanika Saini’s Novel ‘The Mumbai Monsoon’ Makes An Interesting Read

The latest book in the market, The Mumbai Monsoon, by Kanika Saini, is a contemporary fiction that deals with the journey of three women, Ruby, Simi, and Ayesha, from different walks of life, and how a monsoon in Mumbai embarks them on a journey to take charge of their lives. The young female author has […]

Book Review: Kings Saviours & Scoundrels

’Kings Saviours & Scoundrels -Timeless Tales from Katha Sarita Sagara’. Rooted in the traditional storytelling of Indian legends, royals, mythical beings, and their splendid adventures, ‘Kings, Saviours & Scoundrels‘ is a melting pot of entertaining Kathas, selected from one of India’s oldest classics, Somadeva’s Katha Sarita Sagara. These sagas are Eternal Tales of India, Retold […]

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