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What Is Jaap Mala?

A Jaap Mala, often simply referred to as a Mala, is a string of beads traditionally used in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism for meditation and prayer. The term “Jaap” refers to the act of repeating or chanting prayers, mantras, or the name of a divine figure, while “Mala” means garland in Sanskrit. Hence, a Jaap Mala […]

Exploring the Literary Landscape: Women Authors in the Spotlight, 2024

We’re springing into 2024; there’s so much that’s kept us upbeat thus far; weather, the upcoming election and Mr Modi’s yatras, the internet, Deepika-Ranveer’s baby, Raha’s first appearance for the paps, the Ambani-Merchant pre-wedding lockdown and unusual heat some parts of our country saw. But to remain literate is an important human job, so we bring us back to books that […]

English Hinglish | Ritu Soni Bhagat

Ritu Soni Bhagat is a well-established name in the field of education. A postgraduate in English literature and with a B.Ed degree, Ritu has extensive experience teaching English language and literature to secondary and senior secondary students in schools like D.P.S. and Holy Child Convent School. Ritu also holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcasting Arts from Y.W.C.A.     Ritu has […]

Monica Saigal (Bhide) – A Culinary Maestro and Inspiring Voice

Monica Saigal (Bhide), stands as a luminary in both the spheres of storytelling and food writing, and is now out with her 12th book, A Kiss in Kashmir: A Timeless Tale of Love. Her narrative prowess, reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks, promises a captivating exploration of late-blooming love and second chances against the serene backdrop of […]

Turiya (Mamta Chander) – Bridging Eastern Philosophy and Mysticism Through Poetry

Exploring Inner Landscapes: Turiya’s ‘The Vast Empty‘ Guides Readers on a Meditative Journey of Self-Discovery Turiya’s collection of poetry, “The Vast Empty,” is a captivating journey into the depths of human emotion and introspection. With 65 beautifully crafted poems, the book serves as a guide for readers on a meditative exploration of their inner selves. […]

Harini Srinivasan – Shadows and Secrets – The Pataliputra Conspiracy

Former Civil Servant turned Author Harini Srinivasan writes her murders in the Gupta period: Shadows and Secrets – The Pataliputra Conspiracy Harini Srinivasan, a former civil servant turned historical writer, returns with her latest in the historical murder mysteries that she sets in the Gupta period called Shadows and Secrets – The Pataliputra Conspiracy (TreeShade […]

A new innovative book for Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders

Theory of Reference Building: Legacy Matrix authored by PR and Brand Consultant Devesh Purohit is an outcome of 12 years of qualitative research. It is a framework and concept for the legacy building of brands. The focused brand can be an individual, a product, a service or an organization. The concept, framework, theories and matrix of […]


The blood won’t spit dreams- it spews sideways, Spreading shades of cellular hopes- I see no tunes or signals, The cacophony of bipolar lives- the hustle and the dreams, the balance between the moths and butterflies, A stone turned into a Goddess-  What does it mean now? Does it make some sense? The entire mathematical […]

“The Rhythm of Tradition: Women Dhakis at Pandals in Hong Kong and Nigeria This Puja”

Celebrations for Durga Puja have long included the mesmerizing beats of the dhak, a traditional drum from Bengal. This yearly celebration, which honours Goddess Durga’s victory over the demonic Mahishasura, is distinguished by lively celebrations, artistic pandal decorations, and cultural expressions that unite people from various backgrounds. But in remote regions of the world, Puja takes on a distinctive twist as women dancers known as […]


Durga is here, annual homecoming As we say, during Autumn to share Her time aura, blessings, For us Women to feel her shakti, positivity. Durga teaches patience, wait, wait For the right time, it will come! Determination to do it, focus on Your goals, work steadily, quietly Go ahead firmly, persistently, She stands by you, cheering! Epitome […]

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