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Dr. Priya Gupta is a dynamic force of change, a trailblazer whose diverse roles as an academician, artist, animator, homemaker, and founder of Astitva Foundation reflect a profound commitment to women’s empowerment, artistic development, and sustainability. Her remarkable journey encompasses not only the realms of education and art but also extends to creating opportunities for women through […]

Empowering Women through Holistic Education: A Perspective from MDI Gurgaon

The narrative surrounding women in the professional sphere is undergoing a radical metamorphosis. Today’s women are taking charge, breaking from the shackles of societal expectations, and rewriting narratives with vibrant strokes of self-determination and holistic empowerment. Education is no longer limited to classroom learning but has become a shimmering tapestry woven with threads of academic rigour, emotional intelligence, and life-changing abilities. This paradigm […]

Post Budget Reaction: Naina Aggarwal Ahuja, Trustee, Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) & Founder of Talking Point Communications

“Reflecting on the Interim Union Budget 2024 announcements and progress over the past decade, women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship, ease of living, and dignity has gained momentum. Initiatives like Mudra Yojana and efforts to promote women in STEM fields signify significant milestones in fostering gender equality.Increased enrollment of women in STEM education breaks traditional gender roles […]

How Will AI Impact Women in the Workplace

In 2024, Generative AI can be used to write code, conceptualize product designs, produce marketing content, optimize operations, facilitate customer service, and significantly hasten scientific research and discovery. That’s a lot of work it can automate. It can be used on its own or with people overseeing the process. How will AI impact women at […]

New Year Resolutions

“Illuminate Your Path: Crafting Empowering New Year Resolutions for 2024” As we usher in a new year, it’s an opportune moment to embark on a journey of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. The canvas of 2024 awaits, and the editorial team at WomenShine is excited to share insights on crafting New Year resolutions that resonate with your unique brilliance. Illuminate Your Path with Purposeful Resolutions: The essence […]

मैं नारी हूँ

सदियों से पूज्य रही हूँकन्या रूपेण मातृ रूपेणसीता भी मैं हूँ राधा भी मैं हूँद्रौपदी और गांधारी भी मैं हूँमैं नारी हूँकभी बेटी तो कभी बहनकभी प्रेमिका तो कभी पत्नीमैं ही माँ भी हूँजीवन में पल पल रूप बदलते रहेपर रहती तो नारी ही हूँमैं नारी हूँसदा सदा से कर्तव्यों कीबेड़ियों में जकड़ी रहती हूँअपने […]

Non-Violence and Rural Women Emancipation: A Path to Progress

In the bucolic heartlands of our world, where the air is pure, and the landscapes are serene, a struggle unfolds that often remains unnoticed. Rural women, the unsung heroines of these areas, face numerous challenges on their path to emancipation. These women are the backbone of their communities, yet their voices often go unheard, and their plight […]

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