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Yoga Day Special: Try These Asanas To Manage Your Stress Levels

Image Source : google.com The ability to think and contemplate makes us human beings, and these are the keys to one’s joys and griefs. Succinctly put forward, uncontrolled thoughts give rise to sadness while well-articulated ideas give birth to mental bliss. We all are aware that everything in this world is ephemeral. Therefore the feelings […]

Take Inspiration From Sonakshi Sinha’s Stunning Looks

Sonakshi Sinha enjoys experimenting with her look. The actor’s clothing choices are bold and provocative, and the paparazzi turn heads every time she steps out. Sona was recently seen wearing three different styles, in accordance with her immaculate taste in clothes. Gone With The Flow Sinha looked absolutely stunning in an Arpita Mehta teal top […]

Top 5 Summer Destinations This Holiday Season

Image Source : google .com Summer is the season to laze around and take a break from your busy schedule. You plan your trips, and everyone is in a vacation mood. Some are fond of the warmth of beaches, and some prefer the serenity of mountains. So to help you with your travel destination list, […]

Shanaya Kapoor’s Ethnic Looks Can Never Go Wrong

IMAGE INSTAGRAM: INSTAGRAM Shanaya Kapoor is the epitome of ethnic styling. She is yet to make her Bollywood debut with Bedhadak, but she has already built a name for herself because of her impeccable fashion sense. Her style is modern, vibrant, and trendy, and she never fails to impress with her appearance.  As a result, […]


Sweet but sour, Kind but inconsiderate; Something your mind can’t penetrate. Social and outgoing yet so silent. Something you can’t devour, Might seem insignificant but is monumental. Life might get violent, But will always remain gentle. While strange starts to feel normal. Life is always a little out of ordinary, Still live life with your […]

Sonam Jain | themagicplatter

Sonam Jain is a professional content creator and mom influencer based in Mumbai. She started her journey as a rural marketer and decided to document the rural stories. However, life gifted her a beautiful baby boy and  since then she decided to document her motherhood/parenting viewpoints Very soon Sonam got famous for her innovative skills […]


The global market for vegan cosmetics is expected to record $21.4 billion by 2027 & despite so many skincare brands in the market, we see alarmingly increasing skincare complaints and more and more online DIY skincare searches. Most people are resorting to natural skincare via DIYs. We realised most people do not have access to […]

Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia

1. How did you make your journey fruitful..as Lucknow has become a  beautiful city and you have contributed a lot to this? I have always had a dream to contribute to the growth of Lucknow city and take it to newer heights. Being a woman, people questioned my position, but that thrilled me, even more, […]


निया निशि जी और अखिल जी की इकलौती लाडली थी , जिस दिन से उसकी सगाई हुई है दोनों लोग शादी की तैयारियों में बिजी रहते थे . आज जब निशि गेस्ट की लिस्ट फाइनल करनें में बिजी थीं तभी उनका मोबाइल बजा था …. उन्होंने मोबाइल पर अपने समधी अर्जुन जी का नाम देखा […]

Lessening The Carbon Footprint

Increased levels of Carbon footprint has become a global issue. It is creating havoc for both man and animals. All the nations have pledged to get a zero carbon footprint by the year 2050.But what is this Carbon footprint which is causing havoc for all living beings.carbon footprint is said to be the amount of […]

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