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When should I see my gynaecologist?

From achieving control over your periods to preventing certain cancers, regularly visiting a gyno is crucial to the health of anyone with female reproductive organs. Health specialists suggest that females should begin visiting a gynecologist between the ages of 13 and 15. It’s significant that these visits begin before individuals become sexually active. Puberty is […]

masala muffins

Masala MuffinsIngredients• Refined flour – 280 gm• Baking powder- 10 gm• Mix herb sprinkle- 15 gm• Soda bi carb-  04 gm• Salt – 05 gm• Mustard powder – 05 gm• Chilli flakes – 03gm• Process cheese (optional) 50 gm• Process cheese diced – 50 gm• Vegetable oil – 90 gm• Yoghurt – 200 gm• Milk-  100 ml• Worcestershire sauce- 20 ml Method:  Mix together flour + baking powder […]

Know your Author: Tanushree

Four girls. One uniform. One dream. Set in the Officers’ Training Academy, this is the story – Of Bijli Bijarnia aka Billi, the girl with feline grace and lightning-fast reflexes, determined to tear through the social taboos of Haryana hinterland from where she hails. She’s resolutely follows her dreams. Of Lakmenlang Zyiem aka Lakme from Shillong, the optimistic […]

Foods that Counteract Stress

During stress, the body needs more of certain nutrients because they are burned up faster than usual. Stress increases the demand for Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin B-Complex, proteins, magnesium, antioxidants, and essential oils. To counteract the stress effects, one needs more of these nutrients. #Vitamin C There is a high concentration of Vitamin C […]

Untold Story of Monuments

Siri Fort – Impregnable Fortress Of A Controversial  History Of Siri Fort  The history of New Delhi and the history of the Siri Fort are connected inseparably to each other. The present-day city of New Delhi has been inhabited from ancient times for the last 4000 years. Beyond the mythological era, the town came into […]

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