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Being brought up by a Single Woman

A carefree child always comes from a so-called contended background. From a family which has optimal supportive parents and emotionally contended two people who take care of the child by fulfilling all the needs and coddles with care. Does this overwhelming definition of how a healthy family takes care of a child apply to single […]

Oats choco fudge cake

Ingredients: Quick oats         : 3Tbsp Dark chocolate  : 1/2 cup Jaggery               : 2 Tsp Pean Chia seeds         : 1Tbsp Milk                   :  1/2 cup+1Tsp ut butter             : 1 TSp Roasted Almond             : 2 Tbsp Powder Method 1. Take quick oats, chia seeds & milk together 2. Microwave for 2 minutes […]


Come winters and we are faced with such dilemmas in terms of fashion. This is a perfect time when (fashion) ‘Victims’ stand apart from (fashion) ‘Forwards’. In most minds, fashion is equated with skimpy garments and glam is synonymous with skin show. It is often amusing to see even well-known public figures and celebrities fall […]

Book Review:

’Kings Saviours & Scoundrels -Timeless Tales from Katha Sarita Sagara’. Rooted in the traditional storytelling of Indian legends, royals, mythical beings, and their splendid adventures, ‘Kings, Saviours & Scoundrels‘ is a melting pot of entertaining Kathas, selected from one of India’s oldest classics, Somadeva’s Katha Sarita Sagara. These sagas are Eternal Tales of India, Retold […]

5 Winter care tips for Arthritis

Arthritis patients face tough times in winters. Symptoms of arthritis worsen and patients feel more stiffness in joints along with the reduced range of motion. Here are some lifestyle tips that can help manage their arthritis in winters Winters are surely a difficult time for people suffering from arthritis. Not only does joint pain worsen […]


Fashion, as commonly perceived by people, is often branded as frivolous, erratic, and impractical as well. Only people in the know can see the cyclic and evolutionary pattern of constantly changing fashion. What stays stable is classified as ‘Classic’. This is a fact that TCF (Textile, Clothing & Fashion) is indeed the biggest polluter on […]

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