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Sonam Jain | themagicplatter

Sonam Jain is a professional content creator and mom influencer based in Mumbai. She started her journey as a rural marketer and decided to document the rural stories. However, life gifted her a beautiful baby boy and  since then she decided to document her motherhood/parenting viewpoints Very soon Sonam got famous for her innovative skills […]


The global market for vegan cosmetics is expected to record $21.4 billion by 2027 & despite so many skincare brands in the market, we see alarmingly increasing skincare complaints and more and more online DIY skincare searches. Most people are resorting to natural skincare via DIYs. We realised most people do not have access to […]

Alia sharma

Hey all, I am Alia Sharma and I am a professional model for 6 years. Since the lockdown happened and travelling stopped, that is when found my calling.  I started as a part-time influencer and started learning about Makeup. That is when I became a Professional Makeup Artist and also a Professional Influencer too. I collaborated […]

Krushnaa Patil Mountaineer | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur | Author

s a multi-faceted personality, Krushnaa Patil cannot be defined by just one of the several passions that drive her life! Apart from being a trained and acclaimed mountaineer, motivational speaker (6 TED Talks and counting!), she is also a trained Kathak dancer, chef and entrepreneur, Women’s rights and inclusivity champion, sustainability and green practices advocate […]

Shreeja India’s Beyond Football Program Gains Momentum

Shib Shankar DasguptaIn our globalized world, a simple shake of a butterfly’s wing in one part of the world can produce atornado elsewhere. Recently, Sonali Soren along with six other Shreeja Girls were in Kolkata for juniorBengal football trials. They hail from remote villages in West Bengal and are preparing for a plunge intothe uncertain […]

Versha Srivastava

I have been working as Assistant Teacher of Science at Upper Primary School Jujharpur, Block Akrabad, District Aligarh. I have done some specific work in collaboration with the school staff and public community for example establishment of a science laboratory in school, the construction of separate toilets for girls and boys, teaching-learning material, and practical […]

Rashmi : Dhajcraft

Despite the fact that the term “entrepreneur” is gender-neutral, it has traditionally been associatedwith men. With the passage of time, the rise of female entrepreneurs in India has demonstratedthat women in business can achieve the same level of success as their male counterparts. Despitethis growth, female entrepreneurs still confront a number of specific hurdles. Low […]

Do not limit your challenges, Challenge your limits !!

An ardent believer of this quote, Jyoti Madan is an Entrepreneur, CareerMentor, Overseas Educational Consultant, Life Coach, and NLP Master practitioner. She is a founder of Persona Discover which specializes in career mentoring and life coaching of students, graduates, and professionals. She has been coached by World-renowned coaches like Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi. She […]

Emerging Brands from Tier two cities

The market dynamics in Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities has changed over a period of few years. With the Covid pandemic coming in the country, lot of professionals have moved to their hometowns. This gave a rise to online shopping from these cities. Lot of new business opportunities have emerged in these areas. Every […]

A Journey of Becoming a Visionary Foodpreneur – Adetee Agarwaal

Creating a Global Remark with PinkAprons Started with a vision of strong, ambitious, persistent, self-made, aspiring entrepreneurs holding a positive mindset and trusting attitude, PinkAprons is on its way to redefining food culinary in a modern way with traditional touch for the generations which crave healthy and hygiene food. PinkAprons (by women, for women) always […]

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