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“Championing for Orphans Education”- Poulomi Pavini Shukla

1. Who is Poulomi Pavini? Can you describe yourself in one sentence. poulomi poulomi poulomi Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. It’s not a sentence, but its a word that Mary Poppins made us believe that is means in a nebulousis manner good or nice or kind. I strive to be that. 2. What’s the best piece of advice you’ve […]

Shaan Suhas Kumar- a Global Climate Ambassador

Shaan was India’s representative to Miss Earth 2017. She represented India in Manila, the Philippines in October 2017 in the world’s third-biggest and environmentally inclined beauty pageant – Miss Earth, where she was adjudged to be among the top 16 in environmental awareness and intelligence among 85 representatives from different countries. She is also the […]

The Impact & Importance of Women Communities

The importance of women communities and how they help women raise their power! The impact of women-only networks across the world is a growing phenomenon. Women, having always been excluded from workplaces, social spaces, and business networks, have taken the initiative and started their own. The intrinsic gender prejudices in traditional networks has also nudged […]

Magical Herbal Touch

Neelima Thakur, a woman entrepreneur from Karaikal, a small town in Pondicherry, who despite of the odds, made a dent in the entrepreneurship world. She knows how to create magic with herbs and is called ‘a lady with magical herbal touch’. Born and brought up in Mumbai, married in a Tamil family, she has spent […]

Nugu Handmade – Sonali Sharma

When the entire world is steering towards building a more resilient, sustainable, and reliable ecosystem, we are realizing the significance of localization in helping us achieve this goal. With a similar goal in mind, Sonali Sharma – a social entrepreneur, built ‘Nugu Handmade’ with her partner, Sumanth Sampath – a ceramic artist. Sonali spent the […]

Mansi Gupta

With a strong aura to her name, determination and talent being a few remarkable traits, Mansi is the co-founder of the lifestyle brand ‘Tjori’ founded in January 2013 in India. She created this brand with the idea of promoting the traditional Indian handicrafts with the touch of modernism to get global recognition. A plan built […]

Anuya Trivedi- The Change Within

The founder of a playful organization, ‘Green Buddies’, Anuya was born in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. She is a pharmacist and served the Pharma industry for a decade. In between, the journey continued with new roles being a wife and a mother. “Once you become a mother, your perspectives start to change and that is what happened […]

Shlokapreneur- Divyaa

Divyaa an Economist, Shlokapreneur, Writer and Sochcaster is the Founder of GURUKULAM – The Shloka Learning Centre, Bangalore (Regd). GURUKULAM was found on 20th October 2014 GURUKULAM is the first of its kind ONLINE SHLOKA SCHOOL which caters to kids across the globe. The main aim of the School is to keep traditional roots in […]

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