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Break Silence End Violence: 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence

Creating a safe space for women, by women A woman’s place is in her home. A woman’s place is in the workplace. In the community. On the streets and in public parks. In politics and leadership. In grocery stores, classrooms and on college campuses. A woman’s place is everywhere, and in every space, she has […]

Shiwani Sokhey of SS Productions in collaboration with Moviemaxx have launched their production No. 3

Shiwani Sokhey of SS Productions in collaboration with Moviemaxx have launched theirproduction No. 3 here in Hyderabad, on Wednesday 24th of November. This will be SSproductions’s maiden venture in Telugu, after making two successful films in their nativePunjabi and Hindi language.Moviemaxx, a noted distributor in Telugu Film Industry,has partnered with Shiwani Sokhey for this venture. […]

Richa Anirudh

A woman with contagious positivity who has inspired many lives.Richa Anirudh is a Indian journalist, RJ, talk show host, author, and an editor. She is one of the most popular faces of Indian television. Richa is an inspiration to many women who want to dream big and break the glass ceiling. Let’s take a look […]

Snigdha Mishra: Mental Health Educator

I am a Psychotherapist and Mental health Educator. Also founder of Life Surfers, and Founding Member of Bharatiya Counselling Psychology Association and Lets Talk( COVID mental health crisis support Helpline ). I’d spent most of my mid to early thirties battling undiagnosed depression, having made the mistake of not seeking help. The memories are mostly […]

Larissa Bonesi

Model turned actress Larissa Bonesi opened up about her hard work from being just a girl with dreams to the woman with success in a recent TEDx Talkshow. The sizzling Brazilian model turned actress, Larissa Bonesi has been candy to the eye. She started her career back in 2011, in the super hit song “Subah […]

Chicken pineapple salad

Method For salad 1. Chop all the vegetables, broccoli, pineapple, and chicken in small chunks In almost the same bite-size. 2. Put into a large bawl3. In another bowl mix dressing ingredients like Mayonnaise, Olive oil, salt, pepper,  mustard sauce, cream and hung curd and mix well.4. Now pour this dressing into the salad and toss well. 5. Sprinkle […]

What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Emotional Personality

When someone asks the famous line, “What’s your sign?” they’re asking about the position of the sun in the sky at your time of birth. Your zodiac sun sign symbolises the ways in which you radiate out to the world. It’s the glowing essence of your personality and the premise of most horoscopes. As a […]

Nandini Mishra: a Social Entrepreneur

Smt. Nandini Mishra is a dynamic, energetic self-motivated selfless woman and a humble social worker. She was born and brought up in Lucknow and studied in Lamartinere Girls school Lucknow.  Her father was a senior IAS officer, grandfather a vice-chancellor, and father in law a great scholar and professor. Her husband was a reputed Govt. […]


 इन्सान बस खुशियो को खोज रहा है| कल की आस मे आज को खो रहा है,   यह वक्त है जनाब बीतता जा रहा है आज नही कल करूगा        बस यही दावा करता जा रहा है, कल की आस मे ,आज को खो रहा है                 […]

No More Virginity Tests For Women Cadets in Indonesian Army

Cover Pic Credit: https://edition.cnn.com/ THE WOMEN REVOLUTION: No More Virginity Tests For Women Cadets in Indonesian Army “Whether the hymen was ruptured or partially ruptured was part of the examination… now there’s no more of that,” It took time, but liberation was still desirable. In a cherished move, the Indonesian Army has finally abolished the […]

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