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Sadhana Gandhi & Vaishali Gandhi: Desi Classics

Desi Classics is founded by a mother-daughter duo with a desire to offer a tribute to Dadi-Nani & the mothers of their lives. Catering to a niche segment of Rajasthani and Sheherwali cuisine which actually represents the cultures from where their Dadi-Nani belonged.   This venture was started with a desire of having everyone experience the […]

Sujata, Vaishali : Mellow

Vaishali Sharda, CEO, Mellow by Marudhar Herbals at your perusal. Our Collab: 1. Collaboration: My mother, Sujata Sharda started Mellow in 2008 and grew the brand over the years. As a child, I was the inspiration behind the inception of the brand when my ailing hair problems led my mother to search for the solution in […]

Manisha & Sukansha : Saumy designstudio

SAUMY’ meaning soft, tender, is one of the biggest known virtue of a mother. A mother’s love, affection, and softness have no bounds and comparison. She is one incomparable member of our life, and all this love her’s has been the same all through the generations. As a mother’s love is incomparable, so is her talent and […]

INDIA SHINES THROUGH TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020: Our heroes created history

INDIA SHINES THROUGH TOKYO OLYMPICS 2020: Our heroes created history India created Olympic history in Tokyo. Our performance in the world’s biggest sports platform has improved over the years but this time, our medal winners, our heroes have filled our hearts with pride. The sheer confidence of our athletes who have braved the Covid pandemic […]

Step Out in Style

Every woman wishes to look stylish but due to lack of time and never-ending struggle between career and family they cannot find enough time for themselves. So here are some basic yet informative styling tips which will help you to dress up and look effortlessly stylish at the same time.    Dress up as per your […]

Women in tech

Katherine Ernst Mehta is the CEO and Founder of Edvanta Consulting, where she works with international high school students across India, Singapore, Indonesia and the UK to help them navigate the US undergraduate admission process, and gain admission to their best fit colleges. Katherine graduated magna cum laude from Kenyon College, Ohio, where she majored […]

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