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Reducing Screen Time in Summer Vacations

Come Summer and the kids are forced to stay indoors due to hot sun and weather. Staying indoors and they don’t know what to do other than screens? Here are a few tips: Make a routine The most important thing even during summer vacations is to have a routine. That will keep them informed whats […]

The Mystical Art of Tarot Reading: A Journey of Insight and Empowerment

Step into the enchanting world of tarot reading, where ancient wisdom meets modern intuition. Tarot, with its origins shrouded in mystery and symbolism, continues to captivate hearts and minds with its profound insights and transformative potential. At its core, tarot is a tool for self-reflection and guidance, offering seekers a glimpse into the depths of […]

Beyond Academics: NEP’s Emphasis on Holistic Education

Shaping Futures: NEP’s Emphasis on Holistic Education The Central Government’s NEP, established in 2020, is a watershed event in the evolution of Indian education. For more than 14.89 lakhs of schools, 95 lakhs of teachers and 26.5 crores of children (Data from Unified District Information System for Education Plus (UDISE+)), this transformative stride, prioritizes holistic development, emphasizing the […]

Vibrant Gujarat 2024: A Business Odyssey in the Land of Entrepreneurs

Gujarat’s journey as a hub for entrepreneurs and industrial giants received a significant boost with the successful conclusion of the 10th Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit. Under the leadership of Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, the summit not only celebrated the state’s current achievements but also set a strategic direction for the future. A recent study by Colliers India forecasts that India’s […]

Towards a more equal future: Elevating female leadership and amplifying women’s voices

In an era marked by increased recognition of the critical importance of diversity and inclusion, there is a clear and urgent call to promote more women into leadership roles and magnify their voices. Women are not merely stakeholders, but dynamic agents of change, challenging norms, and spearheading progress in unprecedented ways. Their perspectives, experiences, and […]

Raising the Bar on Office Value: Why High Ceilings Add Value to Your Office

The height of a ceiling is more than just a spatial consideration; it’s a pivotal factor influencing our perception and cognitive processes within a workspace. Building codes set minimum standards for ceiling height to ensure a quality living and working environment. However, the specific height often emerges from the interplay of various architectural elements, from […]

Tech for Education: Bridging Gaps and Fostering Learning

Every student has a right to dream and every dream has the right to be fulfilled. Education is one of the basic rights in India. Technology has helped education to reach students and has also enhanced its quality. Every scholar aspires to learn from a highly qualified and experienced teacher. However, many can’t immigrate due […]

Spirit of Christmas

In the quiet town of Evergreen, where snowflakes danced delicately in the winter breeze, Christmas Eve cast its enchanting spell. Twelve-year-old Emily eagerly awaited the arrival of St. Nicholas, her heart aflutter with anticipation. The town square twinkled with colourful lights as families gathered around the towering pine, adorned with ornaments handcrafted by the community. […]

Actress Jyoti Saxena

Actress Jyoti Saxena Is Roaring High On India Being In The Finale, Expresses Her Excitement To See India Lift The ICC World Cup Trophy Actress Jyoti Saxena Says, “I am very sure It’s time for India to shine on the world stage once again and bring that trophy back home after 12 Long years.” In […]

Breaking Barriers: How Women Entrepreneurs Harness Technology for Remarkable Success

Technology has been a game changer for businesses all around the world, levelling the playing field and opening up new paths to success. Women entrepreneurs, in particular, have used technology to overcome traditional hurdles and achieve exceptional success in their companies. In this piece, let’s look at how women entrepreneurs are using technology to help […]

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