A new innovative book for Entrepreneurs and Thought Leaders

Theory of Reference Building: Legacy Matrix authored by PR and Brand Consultant Devesh Purohit is an outcome of 12 years of qualitative research. It is a framework and concept for the legacy building of brands. The focused brand can be an individual, a product, a service or an organization. The concept, framework, theories and matrix of […]


PR:  33 years in Inner Wheel major part of your life, do you think there has been change in , if yes what? TD: In 33 years as a member of Inner Wheel GB&I the most significant change was at our Convention in Istanbul when Proposal 17 got the green light, this meant ladies with no connection […]

World Entrepreneurs Day

Happy World Entrepreneurs Day to all the women out there, these dedicated and visionary individuals shaping industries and driving several sectors! As we celebrate the spirit of all creative entrepreneurship, let’s not forget the power of self-care and the uniqueness of our journey. Women bring unique strengths and perspectives that make them different. Starting a […]

How Women Entrepreneurs Thrive in Male-Dominated Industries

Our culture has long been tainted by the distinctions made between men and women in numerous contexts, whether they be personal or professional. The root cause of this issue lies in an outdated mindset, creating a disparity among both genders. The sole solution to curb this gender gap lies in a change of perspective, adopting a gender-neutral […]

Empowering Economic Growth: The Dynamic Influence of Women Entrepreneurs

Women business owners have led the way in recent years in promoting economic empowerment and growth all across the world. This revolutionary movement is promoting gender equality and social advancement in addition to changing the commercial environment. Women entrepreneurs are dismantling stereotypes and having a lasting impact on the global economy with their creative ideas, tenacity, and fortitude. In the past, women […]


The era of start-ups is in its golden period, in spite of the slow down, crashing unicorns & unprofitable businesses. Why? Because the ecosystem of start-ups has now matured. The number of patents has tripled in the last 5 years; however, women hold only 22.9% of patents internationally. In India, the percentage is much less. But are we ready for women-led […]

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