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Welcome to ShineConnect: Where Women in Small Business Unite!

“ Welcome to ShineConnect: Where Women in Small Business Unite!  Are you a dynamic woman entrepreneur? Are you a Blogger? Are you an Influencer? Are you a Mompreneur? Are you a Freelancer?Furthermore, WomenShine is pleased to launch “ShineConnect,” a new platform designed for women running small businesses, this November. It’s a place where business owners can […]

Empowering Economic Growth: The Dynamic Influence of Women Entrepreneurs

Women business owners have led the way in recent years in promoting economic empowerment and growth all across the world. This revolutionary movement is promoting gender equality and social advancement in addition to changing the commercial environment. Women entrepreneurs are dismantling stereotypes and having a lasting impact on the global economy with their creative ideas, tenacity, and fortitude. In the past, women […]

“Because I am a girl”- Leslie

A multi-faceted celebrity, influencer, motivational speaker, debater, poet and an award-winning multi-lingual actress, Leslie was born in Orissa. She has acted in 14 languages including Hindi and is the author of a book, ‘Because I am a Girl’. With around 140k followers on Instagram, Leslie is hosts her talk show, ‘Leslie Show’ which has made […]

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