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Unveiling the Blueprint: Conquering Prenatal Infections for Flourishing Foetal Growth

Pregnancy embodies a truly remarkable journey where a woman’s body undergoes profound transformations to nurture and safeguard the precious life growing within her. Throughout her journey, her body gracefully adapts to support the well-being of herself and her unborn baby. During pregnancy, the mother’s immune system carefully maintains a balance between protecting and accepting the […]

Empowerment in Every Season: A Year-Long Journey of Growth and Renewal

My journey to personal growth and empowerment is a long one and has been a constant ever since I started my humble enterprise House of Hindee, back in 2019. It was purely to create an environment of empowerment, sustainability and protection of Indian craft. By deciding that in today’s time businesses have to mean more, create more and most importantly, renew and protect the Indian craft […]

Cultivating a Positive Mindset as We Bid Adieu to 2023

Being part of an organization that has been working in the area of gender rights for over three decades I believe that cultivating a positive mindset is not just a personal endeavour but a transformative tool in the collective fight against gender-based violence. As we bid farewell to 2023, embracing optimism becomes a cornerstone for […]

New Year Resolution

This year, I will prioritize self-care by dedicating regular time to recharge both mentally and physically. I commit to nurturing my passions, ensuring they remain a significant part of my routine. By setting boundaries and embracing moments of joy, I aim to foster personal growth and fulfilment in the coming year. Shared By: Shreya Khatri,  […]

Tripping over the Truth – Rebuilding Emotional Stability

“94% of the time, the way a discussion starts determines the way it will end.”  – Dr. John Gottman Love often encompasses acceptance, as it involves embracing someone with their strengths and weaknesses. True love is accepting someone unconditionally, which means loving them despite their imperfections. We all want a fairytale, smooth marriage/relationship with our […]

Uncover the causes and treatments for paradoxical hair growth

Approximately 3% of people who have undergone laser  hair removal treatments face the issue of paradoxical  hair growth post-treatment. The chin and neck are most susceptible to paradoxical hair growth. Paradoxical hair  growth or paradoxical hypertrichosis is a condition in which people notice hair growth after undergoing a laser hair removal procedure. The past few years have seen an exponential increase in the number of people seeking laser hair removal treatments. The reason is that as opposed […]

Cover Story| Ruche Mittal

Meet Ruche, an entrepreneur and the visionary Founder of HEN – Her Entrepreneurial Network, a dynamic Partner at Studio Red, and a driving force behind a revolution in the world of women entrepreneurs. Ruche’s journey began in the exhilarating early 2000s when she first dipped her toes into the world of freelancing as a Graphic […]

How are the urban development projects in Tier 2 cities creating a surge in job opportunities in the energy and sustainability sectors?

As urban development projects continue to shape the landscape of Tier 2 cities, they are also paving the way for a surge in job opportunities, particularly in the energy and sustainability sectors. Once considered secondary to their Tier 1 counterparts, these cities are hotspots for professionals seeking diverse career prospects. As a result, 54% of employers have expressed their intention to hire candidates because of the increasing availability of diverse talent from these regions. Here, […]

Why Youth Is Facing Challenges – Causes, Warning Signs And Prevention

The mental health challenges faced by today’s youth are a grave concern, resulting from a complex interplay of societal, psychological, and environmental factors. The modern world imposes unprecedented pressures on the minds of young individuals, leading to a surge in stress, anxiety, and depression. According to a recent UNICEF report, one out of every seven Indians aged 15 to […]

She Means Business: Best strategies for women entrepreneurs to transform the ecosystem

In the dynamic realm of entrepreneurship, women are breaking long-standing barriers and redefining traditional norms. From technology and finance to healthcare and beyond, they are leaving an indelible mark. Their inspirational success stories not only motivate but also hold the power to catalyse broader change. This transformation is especially evident in the burgeoning surge of […]

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