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Techniques for ADHD children to manage their stress

Knowing the child and his/her distractions are important aspects of daily life with ADHD. Knowing when to take breaks, redirect attention, or remove unexpected distractions can make the ADHD child calmer and stress free. Keep things in their place. Making your home a haven for a child with ADHD has far-reaching effects. Declutter the house, […]

Uncover the causes and treatments for paradoxical hair growth

Approximately 3% of people who have undergone laser  hair removal treatments face the issue of paradoxical  hair growth post-treatment. The chin and neck are most susceptible to paradoxical hair growth. Paradoxical hair  growth or paradoxical hypertrichosis is a condition in which people notice hair growth after undergoing a laser hair removal procedure. The past few years have seen an exponential increase in the number of people seeking laser hair removal treatments. The reason is that as opposed […]

How are the urban development projects in Tier 2 cities creating a surge in job opportunities in the energy and sustainability sectors?

As urban development projects continue to shape the landscape of Tier 2 cities, they are also paving the way for a surge in job opportunities, particularly in the energy and sustainability sectors. Once considered secondary to their Tier 1 counterparts, these cities are hotspots for professionals seeking diverse career prospects. As a result, 54% of employers have expressed their intention to hire candidates because of the increasing availability of diverse talent from these regions. Here, […]

The triumphs of women in the clean energy sector, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable world

The clean energy sector isn’t simply changing how we use energy; it is changing the narrative of gender disparity in a traditionally male-dominated landscape. Today, we celebrate the successes of determined women working hard to create a fair and sustainable future for everyone. These trailblazers are barrier-breakers and use renewable energy to show that women are crucial in guiding the world toward a cleaner and greener […]

Know What and How Pre-meal Nutrition

How Nutritious was your meal? This question might seem a little ambiguous. To bring things into perspective, let’s say that we get our dose of nutrition not just from the food we eat. Rather, a lot depends on the capability of the body to digest food and convert the nutrients into vital components and energy that the body […]

The ABCs of Balanced Nutrition: Adequacy, Balance, and Moderation

We have heard of nutrition and how it builds us. We may directly refer to the food we consume as the only focal point for providing us with nutrition on a pro-rata basis. This is not an accurate definition, as nutrition is the combined result of whatever food we consume, along with the process the body undergoes to convert this same food to energy and several crucial components that the body needs.  This […]

Millets Better

Why Millets are better than some of the other regular grains and why you should include them in your diet more  Millets like ragi, jowar, bajra and buckwheat are the humble grains which were cherished by our grandparents. They are small-seeded grasses that have been cultivated for thousands of years in various parts of the world. These grains offer numerous health benefits and are often a better choice than some […]

Achieving a Work-Life Balance: Arika Bansal

As a surgeon, mother and founder of Eugenix Hair Sciences, I have grown to realise that one cannot have everything and do everything simultaneously. Being a doctor is a demanding profession that requires dedication, compassion, and long work hours. For women doctors, achieving a work-life balance can be particularly challenging. However, as a doctor, I […]

Yoga : Good for Better Health

Yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical practice that originated in ancient India, it encompasses a variety of techniques that includes breath control, physical postures, meditation, and many more. Yoga gives a connection between mind, body, and soul. It promotes strength and relieves stress, flexibility, balance, and coordination in life. Yoga can be beneficial for […]

Greening Healthcare: How the Health-Tech Industry Can Lead the Way

The impact of the healthcare ecosystem on the environment is often not given adequate attention. At a global level, the healthcare sector accounts for over 4.4% of greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that emissions generated during the cooling of hospitals alone equal those coming from over 110 coal-fired power plants. The alarming fact is that India is among […]

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