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How Nutritious was your meal?

This question might seem a little ambiguous. To bring things into perspective, let’s say that we get our dose of nutrition not just from the food we eat. Rather, a lot depends on the capability of the body to digest food and convert the nutrients into vital components and energy that the body requires. 

We often encounter people who complain of ill health or develop several health issues even after eating nutritious foods and expensive supplements. In this case, the culprit is not the food they eat. Rather, the problem may lie in the body’s capability or incapability to digest and metabolize the nutrients in their food or supplements. This nutritional gap causes people to fall ill and we have to look for ways to bridge the same. 

But before that, we have to look at where this gap begins to ensure we reach out to the source and prevent the problem right there. 

Tracking the Root Cause of Nutritional Gaps

If we take a dedicated track to reach the origin of nutritional issues, we will find that the gut is the source of many diseases. This claim is true and we have to listen to what our gut says about our health and well-being. 

As per the traditional Indian culture and ancient system of medicine, many herbs and spices are mentioned as ways to improve appetite, digestion, and metabolism. These are crucial for the food that we eat to get better utilized by the body. We have been adding these to our food for generations but their purpose is not just to make the dishes sumptuous. Rather, they act as critical pre-meal nutritional ingredients to direct the nourishment to our body. 

Among the most highly regarded range of botanicals and spices are Asafoetida, ginger, Ajwain or carom seeds, fennel, chilly, black pepper, cardamom, mint, lemon, mango powder, black salt, and pink salt are a few worth mentioning. These are available in our kitchen pantries anyhow. 

Many other spices are also used in varying combinations to customize as per the individual constitution of the person consuming the food. The purpose is to improve the appetite, digestion, absorption, and metabolism of the nutrients from the food we consume. Adding them in moderation to our diet can help the food impart that nutrition to our body and keep us healthy. Did we also say that including these spices can enhance the flavour and taste of the food and give you an after-taste lingering in the mouth? 

Now, we hope you won’t ignore adding those herbs and spices generously to your meal and watch your body absorb the nutrients from the food! After all, your gut calls for it! 

             Shared By: Dr. Pranit Ambulkar

                                Netsurf Communications Pvt. Ltd

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