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“Diet for lactating mothers”

Breast milk is known as the “gold standard” for infant nutrition and is often referred to asliquid gold. Breast milk is full of nourishing nutrients and protective compounds that areessential for your baby’s development.Breast milk contains everything your baby needs for proper development during the first 6months. During breastfeeding your body requires more calories and […]

Bollywood: Deepika Padukone Steals The Limelight By Adoring Beautiful Magenta Ensemble At An Event In California

Image Source : hindustantimes.com Deepika Padukone is so adept at dressing well that she can pull off various looks. The actor appears to have a wide variety of clothing in her closet, which she frequently wears, ranging from western to traditional Indian attire. Earlier this year, she was on the jury panel at the Cannes […]

Jacqueline Fernandez Takes Over Instagram With Her Enigmatic Fashion

Image Source : google.com Jacqueline Fernandez is adding to the rising temperatures with her most recent looks.   Be it a formal ensemble or a laid-back, cool contemporary one, and the star dazzles us with her style. Jacqueline frequently posted pictures of her outfits on Instagram. She shared some of her outfits in advance of […]

From Ananya Panday To Kriti Sanon, The Fashion Quotient Went A Notch Higher This Week With Ethnic Wear

Image Source : google.com Celebrities serve up a variety of gorgeous outfits every week, and this week was no exception. However, this week  B-love Town’s love for ethnic fashion took the front seat. Numerous actors were spotted donning stunning traditional attire. Take notes from Ananya Panday, Kriti Sanon, and Sara Ali Khan to ace the […]

Take Note Of These Essential Nutrients To Soothe Your Eyes

Throughout the day, our eyes are active. However, the amount of time we spend in front of computers can induce stress and headaches and impede our everyday tasks. A nutritionist, Loveneet Batra, took to Instagram to discuss some nutrients that can help enhance eye health. She captions her post, “ Puffy eyes, swollen under eyes; […]

Riddhi Sharma BabyOrgano

About the Founder Making the foundation strong. Riddhi Sharma founder of BabyOrganoRiddhi Sharma – The CEO & Founder of BabyOrgano, and mother of four year old is a new-agemompreneur who always strives to research the market and help businesses grow exponentially.She laid the foundation of her venture BabyOrgano when she sensed the huge gap betweenmodern mothers & the ancient science Ayurveda and vast industry […]

Shubhita Agarwal: Caring Compounds

Caring Compounds, a newly launched COSMOS certified organic anti-aging skincare brand is a dermatologically tested skincare brand, that offers a range of products that target ageing concerns of women to the core. Caring compounds,  is a brand for women who believe in balance. Women who are focused on their successful careers, social circles, family lives, and life […]

Asha Bhosle

A house full of people wanting for more, jam-packed streets post-show leaving even chauffeurs intrigued, that’s what happens when a legend like Asha Bhosle performs! The Shanmukhananda Auditorium in Sion, Mumbai, came alive, resonating with applause, as the legendary singer Asha Bhosle took to stage, and belted out some of the best compositions of late music composers from Bengal in a […]

Know your options: 6 of the best contraception/Birth control options for women

Getting frisky doesn’t have to be a risky business – not when there are many contraception methods out there to suit different needs. Contraception can be used to prevent pregnancy and some types will also protect you from sexually transmissible infections (STIs). You might find yourself asking: Which method will be best for me and […]

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