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Neena Narayan- Health & Hygiene Ambassador

Neena Narayan is the Founder Managing Director of ISHTA – an MSME enterprise. An alumni of the St Stephen’s college Neena did her graduation in Economics honours and then went on to do Law from Delhi University. A homemakerfirst, Neena has been practicing law since last two decades. Passionate about nature, environment, health and hygiene, in […]

Secret of happiness- Grand Parents

Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another. grandparent Richard Garnett When it comes to the love and bonding between grandparent and grandchildren, it is most serene and pure. From the time a grandchild is born, date takes a special seat in their grandparent’s heart and lives, that couldn’t be filled […]

Wellness is about Well Being and Well being is all inside and around you in this LIFE.

Wellness is about Well Being and Well being is all inside and around you in this LIFE. What is LIFE? Only opportunity to Live or you can say “TIME between BIRTH and DEATH is LIFE” WHAT is TIME? Once gone never comes back WHAT is BIRTH? A new LIFE WHAT is DEATH? A Exit door […]

Secrets to Self-Care: No one told You about

Procrastination has long been our enemy not only for the professional deadlines but also for personal to-do lists too. I suffered from mental health issues and my recovery phase made me realize a few important points which can be an eye-opener for you. self-care self-care Do you realize the difference between self-care and selfishness? Do […]

Food or No Food

What’s the new diet in the market?food I am bewildered with the presence of fad diets our economy is dumped with. Every meal, every item in the refrigerator demands a huge amount of explanation from my husband and brother. What happened to my mom’s way of cooking and serving up a delicious scrumptious meal? Are […]

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