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Wedding Tourism Best: Offbeat Locations for Destination Weddings

As Indians, we love a good party. We love to celebrate everything important in our lives. One of the main events that we celebrate rather lavishly is the wedding. The emergence of destination weddings has majorly affected the travel and tourism industry as well. Destination Weddings, also known as Wedding tourism has gained a lot […]

Top 5 Countries to Travel for Indians without Visa

Image Credit by : India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Since ancient times, India has had many diplomatic relationships with other countries in the world. Although these relationships were mainly focused on trade practices, religious and cultural exchange has also led to influencing and strengthening our relationships with foreign countries. […]

Culture Shocks: What are they and how to deal with it

All of us experience some kind of culture shock when we travel to a different place. Even when we travel to different states in India, we face different culture shocks as we are a diverse community. This culture shock may not necessarily be negative though as that’s what exploring a new city is about. However, […]

Dream Solo: Tips to travel solo

As Suzy Strutner rightly quoted, “Solo travel not only pushes you out of your comfort zone, it also pushes you out of the zone of others.” Every woman has that ‘Travel Solo’ dream on her bucket list. And why not? It gives us a sense of independence and decision-making power. It also lets us explore […]

My travel tale MASAIMARA October 2019

Just before Covid pandemic hit the world like a bolt from the blue and brought all touring andtravelling to a grinding halt, I was lucky to have witnessed the most breathtaking shelter ofthe wild, which left an indelible memory. Very few places on earth are as adventurous andauthentic as the Masai grasslands where the great migration happens between August toOctober. […]

Road to Divinity

The restless soul in me has always been looking for the spiritual path which leads to the abode of Mahadev.Since it was my 40th birthday, I yearned to celebrate it with Lord Shiva and pay gratitude for my very existence.I and two of my close friends booked the flight from Lucknow-Hyderabad- Coimbatore. The Journey started […]

Croatia | Full of Life

The eastern European country with the longest coastline in Europe has a mellow history. Croatia declared independence from erstwhile Yugoslavia in 1990, sparking an ugly war. Today the bloodshed is history, and there’s a lot to explore and understand for the discerning traveller. There are ruined Roman palaces, Byzantine mosaics, Venetian bell towers, medieval walls, […]

Top 5 Summer Destinations This Holiday Season

Image Source : google .com Summer is the season to laze around and take a break from your busy schedule. You plan your trips, and everyone is in a vacation mood. Some are fond of the warmth of beaches, and some prefer the serenity of mountains. So to help you with your travel destination list, […]

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