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Andorra: the Real Fantasy Land

Doesn’t this name sound like a fantasy land? Well, this is an actual country in Europe, located right between France and Spain. Andorra is not a new country. In fact, its existence has been recorded for 1,000 years. It also has a seat in the United Nations and participates in the Olympics. Andorra is listed as the 16th smallest […]

Solo Camping with the Sadhus in Himachal

His hands grabbed the loose ends of the saffron attire that kept falling off. On one ear hung the double-rounded golden earring. The bereaved tattoo under the sleeve. The main priest of an unadorned temple somewhere between Kullu and Manali. Dadour, a place of no striking contention. ‘Can I pitch my tent somewhere?’ The whole […]

Offbeat places to visit in summers

The summer is approaching. I am sure everyone has gone through the calendar and counted the long weekends to plan their perfect vacation. But which places are the best to travel to during this hot weather? It’s a lot of research and sorting. Let me save you some time and help you. Here are some best places in India […]

North East India: The Unexplored Paradise

North East India, popularly known as the Seven Sisters and the most unknown yet fascinating part of our country. Located in the easternmost corner of the region, the landscape is covered with mountain ranges and rainforests, which are probably the last remaining ones in our country. Through this, the giant river Brahmaputra flows, which supports […]

Eco-Friendly Tourism destinations in India

India is a country with a diverse lifestyle. In Hindu culture, the co-existence of humans and nature is considered virtuous and a necessity for a complete lifecycle. By following these guidelines, Indians have been protecting and conserving wildlife for centuries. However, with the social and economic development, people started exploiting nature and we started losing […]

Culture Shocks: What are they and how to deal with it

All of us experience some kind of culture shock when we travel to a different place. Even when we travel to different states in India, we face different culture shocks as we are a diverse community. This culture shock may not necessarily be negative though as that’s what exploring a new city is about. However, […]

Altitude Sickness: What is it and How to prevent it

While travelling to different places, we often get sick as the atmosphere and the temperature there are different from our native temperature. Our body finds it difficult to adapt too quickly and that’s the reason we feel uncomfortable for a few days. Once our body settles, then we feel refreshed and ready to see the […]

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