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The Land of Midnight Sun: NORWAY

The land of the midnight sun, Norway, is the most scenic and prosperous of the Scandinavian countries.Historically, Norway has been ruled by Swedes and Danes for a long. In 1905, the country became an independent, sovereign nation after the Swedes left. Norwegians are proud of their history. The official name of Norway is – “The […]

Wanderlust Well-being: Women’s Travel Preferences in 2024

It is the call of the world, and women are responding. 2024 is looking to be a huge year for travel after years of constraints and reflection, especially for women looking for experiences that feed their bodies, minds, and souls. This is about life-changing experiences that put wellbeing first and leave enduring memories—not just about […]

Seasonal Tourism: Off-Beat places to visit in India this Winter season

Anamika Mishra has rightly said, “Winter is not a season, it’s a celebration”. Winter brings a feeling of joy. Winters inspire us to travel more as the atmosphere is pleasing and we get to see a different side of our beautiful earth. Misty mountains and lakes, blue skies, grey beaches, all of this give a […]

A border-less classroom, the myriad role of travel in education

For me, travel has always been a profound educator, imparting lessons that conventional classrooms and textbooks cannot match. While formal education imparts knowledge, travel goes a step further, and garners wisdom through immersive experiences in diverse cultures, landscapes, and encounters. It is through travel that we truly come to comprehend the world, its inhabitants, and […]

10 Awesome Bus Journeys you must take Right now

‘Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”-Paula Bendfeldt While there are multiple modes of transport, the best and pocket-friendly mode is the bus.  Modern technology and digitalisation have made it easier to travel by bus. The blog throws light on the comfort of travelling by bus to far-off destinations via […]

Kerala | God’s Own Country

When it comes to travelling I choose Kerala known as God’s own country.Although I had travelled to many places like Ooty ,Darjeeling, Cherrapunji ,Sikkim,Manali with my lovely family but Kerala was the best among them.Kerala was the most beautiful and green state in South India. The things which I loved about this place is its cuisine […]

5 Reasons Why Travelling as a Family is the Best Way to Bond

Life gets busy and travel often takes a backseat. For young parents travelling with infants and toddlers can get stressful and when kids go on to higher grades in school, their schedules become tighter to accommodate frequent and longer travel itineraries. Where is the time to travel?  I once heard on a parenting podcast that […]

Andorra: the Real Fantasy Land

Doesn’t this name sound like a fantasy land? Well, this is an actual country in Europe, located right between France and Spain. Andorra is not a new country. In fact, its existence has been recorded for 1,000 years. It also has a seat in the United Nations and participates in the Olympics. Andorra is listed as the 16th smallest […]

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