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Croatia | Full of Life

The eastern European country with the longest coastline in Europe has a mellow history. Croatia declared independence from erstwhile Yugoslavia in 1990, sparking an ugly war. Today the bloodshed is history, and there’s a lot to explore and understand for the discerning traveller. There are ruined Roman palaces, Byzantine mosaics, Venetian bell towers, medieval walls, […]

Vaishnavi Joil, Co-Founder, Flying Konkan Zipline Adventure Sports

As an IT engineer and a robotics expert, Vaishnavi Joil was as far away from starting an adventure tourism company, as anyone else! Yet the pandemic happened and the dream to form a tech Start-up transformed into a deep desire to do something to uplift the people of her hometown, Devgad, and put it on […]

Top 5 Summer Destinations This Holiday Season

Image Source : google .com Summer is the season to laze around and take a break from your busy schedule. You plan your trips, and everyone is in a vacation mood. Some are fond of the warmth of beaches, and some prefer the serenity of mountains. So to help you with your travel destination list, […]

Czech Republic

Our travels took us to many places in our own country and abroad. This is a story about our sojourn to the Czech Republic, a geographically small country- the size of Jharkhand in India. The Czech Republic has everything from beautiful landscapes to quaint countryside and world-class art and architecture. Although the Czechs have a long […]

Belgium, a Travelogue

Belgium falls through the cracks. Nestled between Germany, France, and the Netherlands, it’s famous for waffles, sprouts, and a statue of a little boy peeing. But visitors find Belgium to be one of Europe’s best-kept secrets. After all, Belgium produces some of Europe’s best beer, creamiest chocolates, and tastiest French fries. From funky urban neighborhoods […]

Must Visit Places In Ooty That Should Be There On Your Travel List This Summer

Image Source : google.com Ooty, located in Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris area, appears to be an exquisite tourist destination, surrounded by the lush greenery of tea plantations, tranquil sunsets, and azure blue sky. If your feet are yearning to walk through tea estates and run across bridges, here is a must-read Ooty guide that will persuade […]

Mysore- A City That Offers A Mesmerizing Retreat

Image Source : beontheroad.com Excerpt- Mysore should be on your list if you are planning a short yet exciting trip.  There are locations that entice you with obvious old-world charm paying homage to history just by existing. Mysore, or Mysuru as it is now officially known, is one such place.  Every nook of Mysore has […]

Santa Monica Beach : Shambhavi Mittal

Santa Monica Beach is the first beach I would like to visit once a year or maybe twice. At first, when I entered, I thought it was pretty chaotic, but when I saw the beach, I forgot about the chaos. Visiting it daily and relaxing at the beach made me realize the beauty in it.  […]

Andaman & Nicobar Islands: Post Corona Travel

This was our first major trip since the coronavirus, we travelled to Andaman and Nicobar Islands. It’s been about one & a half years since we boarded an airplane, because of Covid restrictions earlier and a coronavirus scare until recently. Anyway, we were still skittish. Being fully vaccinated and taking all the reasonable precautions we […]

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