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World Entrepreneurs Day

Happy World Entrepreneurs Day to all the women out there, these dedicated and visionary individuals shaping industries and driving several sectors! As we celebrate the spirit of all creative entrepreneurship, let’s not forget the power of self-care and the uniqueness of our journey. Women bring unique strengths and perspectives that make them different. Starting a […]

Embrace your Natural Beauty by Luxova

Luxova, a company founded by Dr Mallika Mishra, was established to transform the skincare industry. Driven by her passion and extensive work experience, Dr Mallika Mishra recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to manufacturing, where quality control could be ensured at every stage. Luxova aims to break down the barriers that often exist in the industry, […]

Ekattva: A Homegrown Skin & Haircare Brand Redefining Beauty & Wellness

Ekattva is a natural skin and hair care brand that draws wisdom from Ayurveda and Vedic concepts. Started in October 2020, the brand’s primary aim is to simplify skin and hair care routines for modern women who are juggling various roles and often find it challenging to find time for self-pampering. This homegrown brand recognizes that every person is […]

Mood-Boosting Makeup Tips for 2023

As years go by and the makeup and fashion industry are ever-changing their needs and wants. 2023, looks like a fashionable year ahead because of the ever-changing suave styles that have taken over this year miraculously and the top five looks for this year are discussed here. 1.     Coordinate Your Eye Colour With your Eye-Makeup […]

Beauty Brands Supporting LGBTQ+ Community

Pride Month festivities are amping up largely and around the country with pride walks, parades, powerful marches and fabulous merriment for all. The community has also pioneered some of the most glamorous looks and glittering up everything as they head their community through pride. Volition This is a crowd-sourced skin brand named Volition. This has […]


As a world, along with COVID-19, we are battling a lot many things – depression, anxiety, bleakness, violence and the Overall health depends on the condition of the skin and hair because they serve as the body’s main barriers to external dangers like pathogens, UV radiation, and mechanical harm. Many people think that having a […]

DRK Jewels | Celebrates Beauty

DRK Jewels, named after its founder, has been crafting exquisite jewellery mastering the art of valued brilliance. Renowned for its signature magnificent pieces and rare craftsmanship, DRK Jewels harmonizes classical tradition with modern interpretation of ancient aesthetic and techniques. The brand firmly believes that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication and this is reflected in the design philosophy.  The exquisite diamond choker […]

Skin By Dr. G: Luxury Skincare Products

Skin By Dr. G. is a leading brand in luxury skincare products, known for its high-quality formulations that are backed by over a decade of dermatology expertise and on-ground practice. The brand takes pride in offering skin care solutions that are specially designed for Indian weather conditions, which can be harsh and unforgiving, and can […]

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