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In the beautiful words of Melody Beattie,“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”I shall recount two episodes where […]

A pandemic that altered a career even before it began

It just seemed like the other day when my cousin’s sister Shehnaz had completed her graduation and was happily pursuing a diploma course in aviation and hospitality. In January 2020 exactly 2 months before the pandemic of corona had struck our country, she received a brilliant job offer from one of the leading domestic airlines in our […]

“Pressures of being a Women”

Is it worth the hype to feel the excessive pressure of fitting in every day? The amount of hours and labour that goes into making us nearly a perfect faultless version of ourselves, taking into account the beauty and behavioural standards of this generation is equitably pathetic. Women are always told to look perfect in […]


Sunday supposedly the rest day turned into an extremely laborious workday for me. I had slept thenight before thinking that I would get up comfortably later than usual feeling like a regal queen butmy husband’s early rising hormone ruined my regal thoughts of sleeping late. On the contrary, myhusband rose at the first light of […]


“बूढ़ी घोड़ी लाल लगाम” – sexist and often shrouded in a sense of humour that is expected to be accepted as friendly banter. his is a saying in Hindi that is often used to sarcastically question the motives and character of any lady usually in her late 30s and beyond who doesn’t appear sartorially or […]

A happy child is the window to your home. Every window tells a story!

I am sure, my readers will agree that when we were young, there were rarely any mothers who raised their voices, were aggressive, lost control of emotions in fury or yelled their vocal chords out. The image of the ‘old moms’ was poised, calm and composed. What happened in the last 25-30 years? I wonder. […]

How do I plan to get away from these winters?

Every year seems colder than the last and then the strange weather forecast that says, “Coldest year in the last twenty five years …!!”   I can never get this logic. They say the same thing every year! Probably that’s the only way they think they can console us for the bygone years. Like how […]

Of Everest Widows and a Man Called Ang !

Long, long before my metamorphosis into a Travel Journalist, which I believe from the core of my heart to be  the most thankless job on Planet Earth, I too was a normal guy- about- town wanting to land up with a cushy corporate job – Microsoft, Wipro, Infosys, Thomas Cook etc… etc…But who would have […]

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