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Reality of Refrigerators

Refrigerators are just like those flats which builders sell us. There is a super built-up area and then there is a carpet area. Super built-up area is something the seller lures you with. Carpet area is something which you finally get to use, which leaves you a bit disappointed and you end up cursing nobody else but your poor miyan for […]


Celebrations! Baby girl arrivingA piece of heaven descending Upon ecstatic parents who are waiting Cooing, smiling and her eyes shining How euphoric and rewarding! n parental tenderness, blooming beautifully Inherent virtues, flourishing favourablyBuoyantly vibrant teenager, metamorphosing magically Lithe, lively lady moulding, unfolding gracefully How breathlessly beautiful, this transition so suddenly! Deft, determined lady emerging on […]

Why Deprecate Women

Why Deprecate WomenThere she stood with her magic wand,As the cheerleader of the band.Seeing her in the non-battered pose,Could make your blood flow from your nose.And you thought you could shatter her dream,“Have you lost”, said she, like a society creme. Dare you come near her cave,So better behave.You’ll be lost under her spell,All you’ll […]

Trip down the memory lane

I relish my childhood days and I think I had the best time of my life during my childhood. Those were the golden days. Coming to this Janmashtami my memories again goes long way many years back in the 80s……. I used to live in the Chandralok Hydel colony. On Janmashtami day the whole day […]

Music Mania in the Eighties

Listening to music has been an integral part of my life since childhood. Music to me is like breathing, as one can’t stop breathing one can’t stop listening to music. Music is said to be the medicine of the mind and I come from a family of music maniacs. Each of us has our taste […]

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