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Be the Fashion Trend to Standout– Actress Amanpreet Karnawal Shares Her Gripping Fashion Sense!Model turned actress Amanpreet Karnawal will be seen in the upcoming video song titled ‘Believe’. The song will be published internationally in the Czech Republic newspapers. Amidst her rising success stories, she shares her unique and casual fashion sense.Unlike other brand-conscious artists, […]


रवि बदहवास सा हॉस्पिटल के ऑपरेशन थियेटर के बाहर चहलकदमी कर रहा था ऑपरेशन थियेटर की रेड लाइट उसेचिढा रही थी . पिछले तीन घंटे से सोनिया ऑपरेशन थियेटर के अंदर थी … अकेले रवि की घबराहट बढती जा रही थी .कभी वह सोनिया की सलामती के लिये भगवान् से प्रार्थना करता , कभी ऑपरेशन […]

दीपावली और बचपन

वही गुलाबी जाड़े की, खुशनुमा शुरआत , तासीर वही है, वही है दिवाली की रात। ** दिनों पहले से होती थी तैयारी जिसकी साफ होती थी दहलीज आले जाले दराजों कि हर चिट्ठी अठन्नी चवन्नी जो रख कर भूल जाते थे उन दिनों पाकर कितना इठलाते थे ** उछलते कूदते घर भर में हुड़दंग मचाते […]

For the artisans. By the artisans

Ruma Devi’s journey of evolving as a globally acknowledged brand starts with her own vigilance and determination. From what started as a close-knit group of women artisans contributing INR 100 to buy raw materials like cloth, threads and plastic wrappers for creating cushions and bags, Ruma Devi’s spirit pivoted into “Ruma – The Craft of […]

Mumbai Art Fair

Boman Irani inaugurates Mumbai Art Fair, and leaves artists overwhelmed with his sincerity, simplicity, and supportBoman Irani, a celebrated actor, photographer, and vocalist inaugurated theMumbai Art Fair made a grand comeback after two years of the pandemic, bailing to bring back affordable art to the masses and to generate commercial income for artists. Over 650 […]

TV actors share their makeup secrets

In the entertainment industry, we often see actors getting into the characters’ skin through costumes, jewellery, mannerisms, prosthetics, dialogues, and much more. But another aspect that plays a significant role—is makeup, which does magical makeovers to get into the character. Perfect makeup looks and makeup artists play an important role and have been integral to […]

Is life tough?

The road of life is uneven and rough, Mere peaceful existence is hardly enough. It takes various unanticipated turns, Some stay stern, while the others mourn. The dark rainy clouds overpower sunshine, But do remember, it is our faith that considers even nightmares as divine. After all it is our perspective that matters, To decide […]

Preeti Srivastava ‘ज़िंदगी-वन टी स्पून’

मेरा जन्म 22 नवंबर 1963 में आगरा में हुआ। बचपन मिर्जापुर,प्रयागराज में बीता। प्रयागराज विश्विद्यालय से 1986 में अर्थशास्त्र में स्नातकोत्तर की डिग्री ली। पढ़ने लिखने में रुचि बचपन से ही थी। 15 वर्ष की वय तक पढ़ाई के साथ हिंदी साहित्य की पुस्तकें भी पढ़ती रही। विवाह के बाद कुछ वर्ष घर गृहस्थी और […]


Neha is a dynamic and performance-driven personality with multifaceted talents sportsperson, a beauty pageant winner, a fitness enthusiast, a yoga practitioner, and a NIFT New Delhi graduate with a blend of visual aesthetics and a visionary in sense of forecasting design and trends.  A free-spirited, Fashion Designer with my label ‘NEYHA’, specially curated for women and […]

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