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Ravioli in Gazpacho soup

Gazpacho -is a cold soup made of uncooked vegetables like tomatoes, garlic, shallots, cucumber, and bell peppers blended with olive oil, and vinegar and thickened with croutons most prominent dish in Spain. Ravioli -It is an Italian snack generally made with all-purpose flour, and egg accompanied with olive oil, salt, and warm water. Generally, it is made with dough […]


Ingredients400 g Boneless chicken pieces3-4 Onions, ground into a paste1 tsp Ginger paste1 tsp Garlic paste1/4  tsp Saffron, dissolved in little milk1 tbsp Coriander powder1/4  cup Cashewnut powder3/4  cup thick curd1/4 cup Olive oil2 Bay leaves6-8 Cloves6-8 Green cardamoms½ cup Cream1 tsp White pepper½ tsp Red chili powder1- 1/4 tsp Salt Method1. Microwave olive oil, […]

Summer Retreat: Enjoy These Refreshing Drinks To Beat The Heat

Image Source : google. com All you need is a glass of a refreshing summer cooler to quench your thirst and relieve your scratching throat from the heat. However, due to our busy schedules, we tend to opt for aerated drinks and sodas that are unhealthy. So to your rescue, Women Shine presents you with […]


Ingredients:Milk- 1 CupOil- 1/4 CupSugar- 2 tbspMaida- 1/2 CupBaking Powder- 1/4 tspBaking Soda- a pinchSalt- a pinch FOR DUSTINGCinnamon/ Dalchini Powder- 1 tspPowder Sugar- 2 tsp DIPTetra Pack Cream- 2 tbspPowder Sugar- 2 tspVanilla Essence- 1/2 tsp Method:1. Add baking powder, baking soda & salt to maida.2. In a heavy bottom pan, Boil milk, oil, […]

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