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Nutritional Deficiency Increases Malnutrition in Children

About 2.6% of India’s 5.6 crore children are severely malnourished. Smriti Irani, Women and Child Development Minister, revealed this concerning statistic during the Rajya Sabha question-answer session. Apart from this, the government’s ‘Poshan Tracker’ report for February 2023 further strengthened the present situation, confirming that 14,56,000 children in India are malnourished.  According to an official […]

Cultivating Fertility through Nutrition: Enhancing Egg Quality for the Future

Women who are attempting to get pregnant or who intend to freeze their eggs are curious about how to increase the likelihood of a healthy pregnancy and healthy eggs. The caliber of the eggs that are generated by the ovaries is one of the elements that influences fertility and pregnancy. Egg quality means the eggs’ capacity to […]

World Heart Day 2023: Cracking the Code to a Healthy Heart; The Role of Dry Fruits and Nuts in Women’s Cardiovascular Wellness

A recent study conducted by the University Hospital brought attention to the important findings of cardiologist Dina Sparano. She emphasizes the elevated risk that women experience in relation to heart disease mortality when compared to men. The article also sheds light on a statistic which reads that nearly half a million women lose their lives to heart disease in the United […]

The ABCs of Balanced Nutrition: Adequacy, Balance, and Moderation

We have heard of nutrition and how it builds us. We may directly refer to the food we consume as the only focal point for providing us with nutrition on a pro-rata basis. This is not an accurate definition, as nutrition is the combined result of whatever food we consume, along with the process the body undergoes to convert this same food to energy and several crucial components that the body needs.  This […]

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