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Women leaders reimagining the look and future of the real estate sector

Traditionally, the real estate sector has been male dominated. But things are changing for the better. As the sector ventures into new growth territory, women leaders are driving change from the forefront. Amidst a landscape of empowerment, women are shattering the glass ceiling of biases and proving their worth by adding immense value to the […]

Exploring the Literary Landscape: Women Authors in the Spotlight, 2024

We’re springing into 2024; there’s so much that’s kept us upbeat thus far; weather, the upcoming election and Mr Modi’s yatras, the internet, Deepika-Ranveer’s baby, Raha’s first appearance for the paps, the Ambani-Merchant pre-wedding lockdown and unusual heat some parts of our country saw. But to remain literate is an important human job, so we bring us back to books that […]

Beyond Academics: NEP’s Emphasis on Holistic Education

Shaping Futures: NEP’s Emphasis on Holistic Education The Central Government’s NEP, established in 2020, is a watershed event in the evolution of Indian education. For more than 14.89 lakhs of schools, 95 lakhs of teachers and 26.5 crores of children (Data from Unified District Information System for Education Plus (UDISE+)), this transformative stride, prioritizes holistic development, emphasizing the […]

Bridging The gap

Bridging the Gap: How Workplace Culture Shapes Gender Equality in Design The design industry, a dynamic force shaping our world, is constantly evolving. From the towering skyscrapers that define cityscapes to the sleek decor that grace our homes, design plays a crucial role in influencing our experiences and shaping the very fabric of our lives.  […]

Towards a more equal future: Elevating female leadership and amplifying women’s voices

In an era marked by increased recognition of the critical importance of diversity and inclusion, there is a clear and urgent call to promote more women into leadership roles and magnify their voices. Women are not merely stakeholders, but dynamic agents of change, challenging norms, and spearheading progress in unprecedented ways. Their perspectives, experiences, and […]

Gender Equality in the Workplace

In recent years, Gender equality in the workplace has gained a lot of momentum and importance in our society. So many companies around the world try to run by the values of being a more inclusive and fair space for all. However, the battle has only just begun. The disparity between gender in various industries […]

Embrace Creativity | Asha Gupta

Inspiration to Start: Born into a conservative family where societal norms dictated a woman’s path toward marriage rather than entrepreneurship, Ashaji defied expectations. Her grandmother’s passion for fashion, especially sarees, ignited Ashaji’s love for textiles. Drawing inspiration from her grandmother’s intricate blouse designs and love for traditional weaves like kota, chanderi, and organdy sarees, Ashaji embarked […]

Live Life Queen Size | Dr Seema Pandey

“Dr Seema Pandey, leading the team at Vanshati Fertility, brings her expertise and dedication to fulfil your parenthood dreams. Trust in our care for a hopeful tomorrow.” Her very logo says” Santanvati Bhav”She is a reproductive medicine specialist, with a super speciality in Gynecology, and deals with Infertility in Ataraulia, Azamgarh and Indira Nagar Lucknow. […]

Bridging the Gaps: How a Holistic and Personalised Approach Can Optimise Women’s Health in India

In India, women’s healthcare needs are often neglected while they prioritize caring for their children, spouses, elderly parents, and other family members. This is largely due to societal expectations, gender roles, lack of accessibility, and lack of awareness. While strides have been made to improve gender disparities in healthcare, significant gaps persist across the country and particularly in […]

Empowering Women in STEM: How Women Are Transforming the Industry?

In recent years, the global push for gender equality in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) fields has gained much popularity, with concerted efforts aimed at bridging the gender gap and empowering women worldwide.  In India, while women comprise approximately 14% of the total STEM workforce, there has been notable progress in recent years. Institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) […]

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