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Veena Ashiya | Monrow Shoes

With a distinguished academic background, Veena holds a master’s degree in fashion management from NIFT, Bengaluru. Prior to founding Monrow Shoes and Accessories, Veena has been associated with several globally renowned organisations, including Tommy Hilfiger and Versace. With over 15 years of corporate experience, she brings a vast knowledge base of the fashion and lifestyle […]

Indian fashion trends

What’s In The Indian Fashion Scene The most awaited fashion show by Lakme was conducted and the theme of it came under this year was the “Earthbound” range and the show named under the theme, “Lakme Absolut Explore”, which was exploring and bringing back the 80’s fashion trends. The 80’s fashion trends included bringing back […]


How To Choose Your Right Foundation Shade If wandering the makeup stores for hours with swatched-out hands looking for someone to tell you which foundation shade to choose, then I totally get you. Call us crazy, but we suspect that the most tedious process in the beauty world is figuring out our perfect foundation shade. […]

Clothes To Put In Your Wardrobe for 2023

The fringing cutouts at Victoria Beckham’s fashion week, namely the “Paris Fashion Week”, has already showcased playful check suits and LBD’s mainly from the brand Chanel. Some of the most fashionable trends which are required for the upcoming year 2023 are – 1.   Tailoring – The Valentino show had more slouchy and over style sized blazers and Chanel opted […]

Wedding Tourism Best: Offbeat Locations for Destination Weddings

As Indians, we love a good party. We love to celebrate everything important in our lives. One of the main events that we celebrate rather lavishly is the wedding. The emergence of destination weddings has majorly affected the travel and tourism industry as well. Destination Weddings, also known as Wedding tourism has gained a lot […]

To live in the moment | Seerat Kapoor

“Let us begin 2023 with the belief that changes are the only constant and it is possible to adapt to them with a positive mindset; begin to believe it, see it,” Seerat Kapoor says. Seerat Kapoor says, “To live in the moment, good work, a healthy professional life balanced with box office hits” as she […]

Kashika Kapoor

Kashika Kapoor kick-started her year with positivity and love from Switzerland as she drops pictures from exploring the streets of  Zürich & Luzern Away from the frenetic pace and chaos of everyday life, Kashika Kapoor has started her new year with a bang, as the actress is vacationing in Switzerland with her family. Kashika has […]

Unknown Historical Monuments in India that you must visit

Image Credit By : google.com India is home to one of the most ancient civilizations in the world. Many dynasties and rulers, both from this land and foreign, have ruled this nation for several centuries and have left their marks on this land. While many of these marks are still prominent and known to the […]

Monica K Dhawan

Monica Dhawan serves as the CEO and Managing Director of Fusion Corporate Solutions, which was founded in 1999 and is a premier service provider in the field of 360 degree communication solutions like expositions, capacity building, design studio and AV production, and media monitoring and analytics. By combining her extensive experience Monica built a portfolio […]

Modern Bride: a Classy one

Modern Bride Wore a Hot Pink Lace Pant-Suit with Bold “Polki” Jewelry for Her PrivateWedding An India girls are exposed to the rich Indian culture around the teenage. At weddings they attend, girls are also informed that they will eventually have to leave their home behind after getting married. Although it is a lovely tradition, […]

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