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Reducing Screen Time in Summer Vacations

Come Summer and the kids are forced to stay indoors due to hot sun and weather. Staying indoors and they don’t know what to do other than screens? Here are a few tips: Make a routine The most important thing even during summer vacations is to have a routine. That will keep them informed whats […]

Prioritizing Postpartum Health This Mother’s Day through biohacking

Whenever I hear of postpartum issues, one episode that readily comes into my mind is something that one of my associates shared with me a few years back. His cousin, a lively and extremely smart girl in her early 20s, was working as a nurse in London, along with her husband. Shortly after she gave […]

The toxicity of Positive thinking

And, it may stir a question  Toxicity and that too positive thinking ?  To constantly think positive , and words like positive rebellion, positive transformation are  like glorifying positivity unnecessarily.  Doesn’t it put the man on a pedestal and pressure him to stay upbeat no matter how  difficult the circumstances are?  And to wonder, when […]

Mindfulness and Meditation for seniors: Cultivating Mental Well-being in Senior Living Communities.

As India experiences a profound demographic shift towards an ageing population, the need for housing tailored to the unique needs of seniors becomes increasingly urgent. Termed the “silent grey tsunami,” this demographic transformation presents both challenges and opportunities for the real estate industry, particularly in the realm of senior living communities. Currently, seniors constitute 12 percent of India’s population, with projections indicating […]

Snacks that can boost the Nutritional Value of Your Diet

Snacks have become an integral part of our diets as it makes everything better and more delicious. While some may satisfy our cravings, they often lack essential nutrients, leading to unhealthy eating habits. Hence, there are plenty of nutrient-rich snack options that can fuel your body and mind. Enjoy healthy munching by incorporating these nutrient-rich snacking options into your diet. Baked Ragi […]

Importance of Health Literacy in Women

Health misinformation is pervasive and can spread rapidly through various channels, including social media, websites, word-of-mouth, and even traditional media outlets. Misinformation about health topics can have serious consequences, as it may lead individuals to make uninformed decisions about their health, delay seeking medical treatment, or even engage in harmful practices. Being a female has […]

Probiotics: Why you need an army of gentle minions in your stomach

Believe it or not, the average human’s stomach and intestine relies on an army of gentle minions to keep one hale and hearty. In the intricate ecosystem of the human body, the gut is so crucial to health and vitality that it is often called the second brain. And guess who operates this second brain? It’s this army of minions. These  minions are microbial entities such […]

A Journey to Self-Discovery and Recovery

The body remembers what the mind forgets. Some medical conditions like VAGINISMUS show how  our thoughts and beliefs can manifest in our physical functioning and linger like an invisible wound.  Almost three out of five women have experienced painful sex (we are talking about penetrative sex)  at some point in their lives, be it through […]

Navigating the Maze: Are Health and Energy Drinks Safe for Kids?

In today’s fast-paced world, parents are often on the lookout for quick fixes to boost their children’s energy levels and overall health. This quest has led to the rise in popularity of health and energy drinks marketed towards kids. While these colorful beverages promise a myriad of benefits, there’s growing concern about their safety, particularly due to their high sugar content. Health and energy drinks are often marketed […]

Goji Berries for Diabetics

When your blood glucose or blood sugar is too high, you might have diabetes. Your body uses glucose as its primary energy source as it can also produce glucose when consumed in daily food. Goji berries are good for treating diabetes, but several individuals are unaware of their benefits or what exactly they are. Goji berries are tiny red fruits that […]

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