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Health Special: Know The Benefits Of Black Raisins

Image Source : Raisins are an obvious component of Indian delicacies. Raisins are commonly used in desserts, especially during festivals, and are typically dark golden or brown in color. But have you ever seen raisins that are black in color? They’re bite-sized flavor pockets with a wrinkled exterior and a juicy core. Black raisins […]

Find Out If Bras Are Necessary For Breast Health

Image Source : The question of whether or not to wear a bra has sparked heated discussion. Many women all around the globe consider the brassiere to be an inconvenience. They’d rather have free breasts than be encased in the most expensive bras. Others, on the other hand, cannot bear the thought of leaving […]

Know If Stress Can Be Beneficial For You In Certain Situations

Image Source : Every one of us is subjected to some form of stress on a daily basis in today’s world, and how we cope with that stress is critical to our health. Stress is the body’s reaction to any change that necessitates an adjustment or response. The body responds in physical, mental, and […]

Therapies To Cope-Up With Work-From-Home Breakdowns

Image Source : The work-from-home (WFH) phenomenon, which grew widespread during the COVID-19 epidemic, altered the way we used to do things. The tendency not only threw off many people’s work-life balance but also produced a tense climate in most families. As a result of the aforementioned conditions, health concerns — primarily linked to […]

Preventive Health Check-up for women:- 8 important tests for Women of 30 and above

In balancing Professional and personal life, we ignore our health. Some health concerns affect women differently. Several health issues like bone density, pregnancy, Thyroid, iron deficiency in girls, Breast cancer, cervical cancer, menopause, female organs’ health, etc. A simple check on some of the parameters of health, diet, and lifestyle can help many girls and […]

Healthy Lifestyle

‘Health’, according to the World Health Organization, is “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity”. ‘Lifestyle’ is defined as a “particular way of living”, by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. But what is a “Healthy Lifestyle”? And most importantly, the changes we need to incorporate in our lives to live a happy and healthy life. […]

Spend Your Weekend At Home With These Activities

Image source : Not every weekend needs a detour or mingling with family and friends. Some days, we find ourselves alone at home, browsing through our social media profiles indefinitely. As a result, if you’re bored and have no plans, don’t worry! If you find yourself staying in for the weekend, we’ve compiled a […]

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month: Watch Out For These Symptoms

Image Source : Ovarian cancer is a kind of cancer that affects the ovaries, which are female reproductive organs that reside on each side of the uterus. Ovarian cancer accounts for 3% of all cancer cases in women. Early detection of ovarian cancer is difficult. The symptoms might be mistaken for those of other […]

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