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Mohua Chinappa

Mohua Chinappa: From Homemaker to Entrepreneur Mohua Chinappa’s life journey is a testament to resilience, reinvention, and the pursuit of passion. Her story unfolds like a captivating novel, filled with twists, challenges, and moments of self-discovery. The Homemaker Years Once a homemaker, Mohua’s self-worth was intricately tied to the roles she played within her family. […]

How a Woman is Solving the Vaccine Waste and Public Health Crisis in India

The vast immunization coverage network in India has gone from strength to strength. According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, DPT vaccine coverage has risen from 52% in 1992 to over 90% in recent years. Also, as a result of the Pulse Polio Immunization program, the country has been polio free since 2014. However, there are still 91 districts […]

Beyond Academics: NEP’s Emphasis on Holistic Education

Shaping Futures: NEP’s Emphasis on Holistic Education The Central Government’s NEP, established in 2020, is a watershed event in the evolution of Indian education. For more than 14.89 lakhs of schools, 95 lakhs of teachers and 26.5 crores of children (Data from Unified District Information System for Education Plus (UDISE+)), this transformative stride, prioritizes holistic development, emphasizing the […]

Gender Equality in the Workplace

In recent years, Gender equality in the workplace has gained a lot of momentum and importance in our society. So many companies around the world try to run by the values of being a more inclusive and fair space for all. However, the battle has only just begun. The disparity between gender in various industries […]

Super Mentor | Sreelakshmi

Sreelakshmi Kulkarni, a Momentor, Educator, and twin mom faced a life-altering moment during the COVID era when her husband was hospitalized. She sought coaching, jobless and uncertain about the future with twin kids, leading to increased courage and confidence. Finding a flexible work-from-home job and investing in her dream home, she realized her discontent witnessing […]

Diversity by Design: How Women Entrepreneurship Transforms Ideas and Perspectives

For centuries, the design industry has mirrored the broader societal landscape, often reflecting a single, dominant perspective. This homogeneity, while yielding iconic landmarks and functional spaces, has limited the potential for innovation and inclusivity. However, a powerful transformation is now driven by the surge of women entrepreneurs who are redefining design with fresh perspectives. This […]

Live Life Queen Size | Dr Seema Pandey

“Dr Seema Pandey, leading the team at Vanshati Fertility, brings her expertise and dedication to fulfil your parenthood dreams. Trust in our care for a hopeful tomorrow.” Her very logo says” Santanvati Bhav”She is a reproductive medicine specialist, with a super speciality in Gynecology, and deals with Infertility in Ataraulia, Azamgarh and Indira Nagar Lucknow. […]

Redefining Female Leadership: Rutvi Sheth

Rutvi Sheth’s leadership at Advait Infratech is a prime example of how women are redefining the dynamics of the corporate world. Her initiatives for gender equality, mentorship, flexible working arrangements, and inclusive culture demonstrate a commitment to creating a workplace where women are not just participating but leading and thriving. Under Rutvi’s guidance, Advait Infratech is setting a […]

The Essential Role of Multi-Micronutrient supplementation for better Pregnancy Outcomes

In pursuing healthy pregnancies, recent scientific advancements have highlighted the importance of multi-micronutrient (MMN) supplementation. This approach provides a comprehensive solution of essential vitamins and minerals, significantly improving over traditional iron-folic acid-calcium (IFC) supplementation. A balanced diet, including vegetables, fruits, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats, is widely recognized as vital for a healthy […]

A Year-Long Journey of Growth and Renewal

Empowerment remains a constant theme throughout the year in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, mirroring the ever-changing seasons. For female entrepreneurs, each season presents distinctive challenges and opportunities, contributing to an ongoing cycle of growth and rejuvenation. Spring signifies the genesis of ideas and the sowing of seeds. During this time, entrepreneurs foster creativity and […]

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