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How to stick to your New Year Resolutions

Making resolutions at the beginning of the year is a great way to start a fresh chapter, which is why so many people do it. The start of a new year often feels like a fresh start, another chance to break bad habits and develop new ones. Unfortunately, more than half of all resolutions fail, […]

Are you in the right relationship?

Being in a relationship has its own benefits but sometimes when things turn ugly we start blaming everything for our failed relationship, be it our partner or circumstances or ourselves. However, break-ups don’t happen suddenly, you must have gotten signals about it earlier but you must have not given it the due importance and ignored […]

Wedding Tourism Best: Offbeat Locations for Destination Weddings

As Indians, we love a good party. We love to celebrate everything important in our lives. One of the main events that we celebrate rather lavishly is the wedding. The emergence of destination weddings has majorly affected the travel and tourism industry as well. Destination Weddings, also known as Wedding tourism has gained a lot […]

To live in the moment | Seerat Kapoor

“Let us begin 2023 with the belief that changes are the only constant and it is possible to adapt to them with a positive mindset; begin to believe it, see it,” Seerat Kapoor says. Seerat Kapoor says, “To live in the moment, good work, a healthy professional life balanced with box office hits” as she […]

Navigating Food Trends for 2023

Social media such as Instagram and TikTok have been making waves over the internet by catching viewers’ eyes with all kinds of pastas, croissants, breads, soups, and other such foods. Many are wanting to switch over to traditional baking, frying, sauteing and many methods to make the food fresher and healthier toconsume. Many traditional dishes […]

Food Tourism: Top 5 cities for Foodie tourists

Food is a crucial part of every travel. Whenever search for a destination, the first thing that we search about is ”what will I get to eat there?”, “does it suit my palate?”, “Are there any options?  India, being a diverse community, has an impressive food culture. Every state and every city has something new […]

ADAPT: Creating an inclusive, accepting, disability-friendly India with Dr Mithu Alur and daughter, Malini Chib

The Spastics Society of India, now called ADAPT (Able Disabled All People Together) is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) that was set up in 1972 by Dr Mithu Alur, a parent of a daughter who was born with cerebral palsy to address the lack of services and knowledge that existed at that time with an aim […]

Modern Bride: a Classy one

Modern Bride Wore a Hot Pink Lace Pant-Suit with Bold “Polki” Jewelry for Her PrivateWedding An India girls are exposed to the rich Indian culture around the teenage. At weddings they attend, girls are also informed that they will eventually have to leave their home behind after getting married. Although it is a lovely tradition, […]


Be the Fashion Trend to Standout– Actress Amanpreet Karnawal Shares Her Gripping Fashion Sense!Model turned actress Amanpreet Karnawal will be seen in the upcoming video song titled ‘Believe’. The song will be published internationally in the Czech Republic newspapers. Amidst her rising success stories, she shares her unique and casual fashion sense.Unlike other brand-conscious artists, […]

दीपावली और बचपन

वही गुलाबी जाड़े की, खुशनुमा शुरआत , तासीर वही है, वही है दिवाली की रात। ** दिनों पहले से होती थी तैयारी जिसकी साफ होती थी दहलीज आले जाले दराजों कि हर चिट्ठी अठन्नी चवन्नी जो रख कर भूल जाते थे उन दिनों पाकर कितना इठलाते थे ** उछलते कूदते घर भर में हुड़दंग मचाते […]

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