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Gifting Solutions | Bhargavi Pappuri

Training and certification in manufacturing Handmade soaps & Herbal Shampoo were received by me, Bhargavi Pappuri, from Khadi Gram Udyog College in Hyderabad. In the year 2017, the application for Ayush Dept was made, and commercial manufacturing was commenced. Over time, our production has grown from 1000 soaps a month to 4000 to 5000 units […]

Eco-friendly Furniture: De’Dzines

Today, I stand here not as Vaishali Biyani but rather as a conscious consumer. Not as someone who is the founder of an enterprise which sells furniture but as someone who believes in the power of sustainability in this technological epoch.Greetings! You never know what may inspire you. For me, it was a scrap tyre which […]

Embrace your Natural Beauty by Luxova

Luxova, a company founded by Dr Mallika Mishra, was established to transform the skincare industry. Driven by her passion and extensive work experience, Dr Mallika Mishra recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to manufacturing, where quality control could be ensured at every stage. Luxova aims to break down the barriers that often exist in the industry, […]

Fathers Day with Product | Denver

Denver for Men is one of India’s most saleable deodorant brands. Voted as India’s most Promising Brand in the Men Grooming Category. It brings to you a series of exotic fragrances and advanced grooming products that encompass the modern man who always triumphs over all odds and owns it. Denver for Men has Shah Rukh Khan, Sudeep Kiccha, Mahesh Babu, Silambarasan Thesingu and Varun Dhawan as brand […]

Embracing a Sustainable Fashion: Mona B India

Mona B India embarked on its journey with a vision to tap into a less-explored market for sustainable and eco-friendly handbags and accessories. Recognizing the growing demand for environmentally conscious alternatives, we set out to create a brand that offers stylish products without compromising sustainability. By utilizing materials like recycled polyester, felt, and repurposed plastic bottles, we […]

Embracing a Healthier Lifestyle: Hebbevu

Hebbevu Fresh is a premier supermarket that takes pride in offering a wide range of organic produce sourced directly from our own farm. Our deliverables include a variety of pulses, oils, ghee, and other organic products, all of which are free from additives and chemicals. We prioritize the quality and freshness of our products, ensuring […]

Beauty Brands Supporting LGBTQ+ Community

Pride Month festivities are amping up largely and around the country with pride walks, parades, powerful marches and fabulous merriment for all. The community has also pioneered some of the most glamorous looks and glittering up everything as they head their community through pride. Volition This is a crowd-sourced skin brand named Volition. This has […]

Skin By Dr. G: Luxury Skincare Products

Skin By Dr. G. is a leading brand in luxury skincare products, known for its high-quality formulations that are backed by over a decade of dermatology expertise and on-ground practice. The brand takes pride in offering skin care solutions that are specially designed for Indian weather conditions, which can be harsh and unforgiving, and can […]

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