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Cultivating a Positive Mindset as We Bid Adieu to 2023

The year 2023 has added more innovation to our journey of revolutionizing skincare backed by science. Our unwavering commitment to offering clinically researched head-to-toe skincare solutions for diverse ages and skin types resonates in the successful introduction of groundbreaking products. From the first time in the Indian market additions to our sunscreen range with our […]

Unveiling the Silent Revolution: Navigating the Digital World

The ophthalmologist’s words lingered in my mother’s ears, “-2.00  in the right eye and -0.75 in the left. You must ensure she wears her spectacles throughout the day.” The monstrous word “spectacles” echoed in my 8-year-old mind. The mere thought of having miniature windows strapped to my face and being the only person in my […]


Vanesa Babe Body Deodorant Give yourself over to Vanesa Babe Body Deodorant’s revitalizing aroma. A top note of fresh mandarin highlights this fragrance’s delightful combination of floral and fruity notes. The base notes linger with the alluring essence of blackberry and musk, while the heart unveils a gorgeous bouquet of rose and jasmine. It provides […]

Cruelty-free personal care brand : Justhuman

Justhuman, a cruelty-free personal care brand that combines cutting-edge skincare technology with neuroscience.With the festive season around the corner, Justhuman has recently launched Limited edition hampers created for those moments that call for a little something extra. From full-body bliss to head-turning hair, Justhuman product combinations are here to take your beauty routine to the next level.  The formulas […]

Skin’s health and beauty: Ayushi Herbals

Arushi Herbals embarked on its journey with a passion for redefining skincare for all types of skin. We believe that nature holds the key to radiant beauty, and our story began with the desire to bring 100% herbal products directly from the Himalayas to our customers. Since our inception, we have focused on earning people’s trust by consistently delivering […]

Astaberry Indulge | Ayurveda lifestyle

Astaberry is a brand that started its journey in 2005, driven by a vision of providing natural and effective beauty solutions rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom. Today, we proudly introduce “Astaberry Indulge,” a new skincare line designed to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers. With this range we not only provide effective skincare but also a […]

Long Lasting perfumes: Nature La Aromas

Sanjeev Dwivedi the driving force behind Nature La Aromas, embarked on a remarkable journey to inspire lives through his range of perfumes. He left behind a 22-year corporate career to pursue his passion. The fragrances from Nature La Aromas are inspired by well-known scents, mirroring their quality without carrying the exact same price tag due to […]

Gifting Solutions | Bhargavi Pappuri

Training and certification in manufacturing Handmade soaps & Herbal Shampoo were received by me, Bhargavi Pappuri, from Khadi Gram Udyog College in Hyderabad. In the year 2017, the application for Ayush Dept was made, and commercial manufacturing was commenced. Over time, our production has grown from 1000 soaps a month to 4000 to 5000 units […]

Eco-friendly Furniture: De’Dzines

Today, I stand here not as Vaishali Biyani but rather as a conscious consumer. Not as someone who is the founder of an enterprise which sells furniture but as someone who believes in the power of sustainability in this technological epoch.Greetings! You never know what may inspire you. For me, it was a scrap tyre which […]

Embrace your Natural Beauty by Luxova

Luxova, a company founded by Dr Mallika Mishra, was established to transform the skincare industry. Driven by her passion and extensive work experience, Dr Mallika Mishra recognized the need for a comprehensive approach to manufacturing, where quality control could be ensured at every stage. Luxova aims to break down the barriers that often exist in the industry, […]

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