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Justhuman, a cruelty-free personal care brand that combines cutting-edge skincare technology with neuroscience.
With the festive season around the corner, Justhuman has recently launched Limited edition hampers created for those moments that call for a little something extra. From full-body bliss to head-turning hair, Justhuman product combinations are here to take your beauty routine to the next level.  The formulas are powered by neurocosmetics: clean, active ingredients that nourish your skin and interact with your nervous system to release positive sensations and emotions in your mind.

Please find below the details for the Products

Justhuman Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo

Justhuman Hair Fall Therapy Shampoo is to revive and restore your hair to its full glory. Their all-natural formula features Capilia Longa, a plant-based ingredient proven to rebalance your hair growth cycle from root to tip. The shampoo promotes hair density and strength. It is enriched with natural extracts like Ginger & Ginseng Root Extract. It is a completely natural alternative to Minoxidil and has the perfect pH balance with antioxidant extracts.

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Price: INR 1,249/-

Justhuman Burgeon Hair Growth Serum

Justhuman Burgeon Hair Growth Serum to revive and restore your hair in all its glory. Their all-natural formula features BURGEON-UP stem extract, a plant-based ingredient clinically proven to boost hair growth and prevent hair loss.  It increases total hair follicles per sq meter. The serum prevents premature hair loss onset and reduces inflammation. It also keeps the hair strands hydrated and strong.

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Price: INR 1,400/-

Revitalizing Body Wash

Take off the grime with Justhuman’s body wash made with purposefully sourced biocompatible ingredients—they only add what is necessary to gently cleanse without disrupting the balance of your natural skin biome. This deeply nourishing and hydrating formula uses Salicylic Acid to exfoliate, smoothen, and brighten your skin while our luxuriant, plant-powered blend of Lemon Balm and Holy Basil invigorates your skin-brain connection, elevating you inside and out.

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Price: INR 1,099/-

Coffee Caramel Body Scrub

Transform your daily routine into a spa-like experience with Justhuman Coffee Caramel Body Scrub – the ultimate indulgence for your senses. Justhuman’s finely honed blend of Coffee, Ground Brown Sugar and Olive Oil exfoliates, improves blood circulation, and reduces water retention for smoother, tighter, and brighter skin.

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Price: INR 1,599/-

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