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Women Entrepreneurs: A Paradigm Shift in Start-up Ecosystem

Over recent years, there has been a notable increase in the proportion of funding directed towards startups led by women. This upward trend in funding is reflected in the success stories seen on platforms such as Shark Tank India. The way people view entrepreneurship is slowly changing as more women succeed in it and break […]

The She-Economy: Female-Led Startups Flourishing in India’s Business Landscape

India has long been known for its entrepreneurial spirit. While traditionally it has been largely men who have cultivated and led the startup ecosystem, women-led startups are increasingly making their presence felt. Women founders leading the startup ecosystem in India are being recognized as a key driving force in the nation’s economy. From fashion and lifestyle […]

Overcoming the Gender Gap: Addressing Challenges in Women’s Entrepreneurship

Women’s entrepreneurship has increased in recent years, with more women entering the worlds of business and startups. Despite this development, there is still a persistent gender gap that prevents women from fully realizing their entrepreneurial potential. Addressing these issues is critical not just for empowering women, but also for promoting economic growth and innovation in […]

Women in Corporate

Women have historically proven themselves to be the best caretakers, teachers, and nurses, but they need to work harder in the corporate sector. Only 23% of executives worldwide are female. The percentage of women in senior leadership increased to 32.4%, according to Grant Thornton International Ltd.’s (GTIL) Women in Business 2023: The Push for Parity […]

Purvi Patel

“A dynamic and self-made lady who reached her goal by self-determination” Ms. Purvi Patel, who supervises the implementation of business strategy and planning at Creative Newtech, formerly known as Creative Peripherals and Distribution Pvt Limited, is the epitome of a modern professional woman. She effortlessly manages the arduous responsibility of assessing market strategies and taking responsibility for […]

Keerthi Priya & Odapalli Vijay Laxmi : Nurture Fields

Keerthi Priya and her mother Odapalli Vijaya Laxmi started Nurture Fields which aims to reduce food wastage by working with marginal farmers. It offers a wide range of dehydrated vegetables and fruits like mango, chiku, papaya, spinach, gongura, tomato, cabbage, etc. Born and raised in Thonda village, Suryapet district in rural Telangana, Keerthi Priya’s childhood […]

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