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The Vital Role of Accessibility in Safeguarding Mental Well-Being

In a world where physical barriers often overshadow the human spirit, the importance of an accessible environment cannot be overstated. Behind every statistic and news headline lies a deeply personal journey of struggle, resilience, and longing for inclusion. For the elderly, people with disabilities, pregnant women, new mothers, war and natural calamity victims, and children, […]

एक बोतल दूध

 45 वर्षीय रामचरण का नाम आज शहर के जाने माने लोगों में गिना जाता है . उन्होंने अपनी मेहनत और लगन के बलबूते दौलत का ढेर इकट्ठा कर लिया था …इस दुनिया में किसी भी व्यक्ति को अपने जीवन में खुश होने के लिये धन दौलत , सुंदर पत्नी , प्यारा सा बच्चा सब कुछ […]

Runjhun Noopur

An award-winning author, entrepreneur and happiness coach. A NALSAR Hyderabad graduate, Runjhun was trained to be a lawyer. However, the black letter of the law did not appeal to her creative and spiritual instincts. Instead, she chose to set out on an eclectic journey driven by her love for writing and spiritual instincts. Over the […]

Richa Sinha – Grit & Grace

A go-getter, passionate about modelling and fashion, Richa has already achieved milestones at a young age. She is just 23 years old and has already marked a dent in the fashion world. The dream to do something big in the ‘glamour world’ took her to the ‘dreamland’, Mumbai. In 2018, she won the title for […]

Vishakha and Others v/s State of Rajasthan

Whether it’s rape or sexual harassment, both are serious offences as they not only involve physical injuries but severe emotional and mental torture. Sadly, there were no formal guidelines for sexual harassment until the final judgement of Vishakha and Others v/s State of Rajasthan on 13/08/1997, a case that started with a petition filed by […]

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