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Anusha Subramanian | Bohemian Adventures

Anusha Subramanian is an award-winning journalist, a British Chevening Scholar and a mountaineer. She was nominated thrice for the Press Club’s Red Ink National Award for Excellence in Journalism in 2012, 2017 and 2021 and won the award in 2012 for her investigation on the issue of ‘How Environmental Clearances are Given out for Projects by the […]

Vaishnavi Joil, Co-Founder, Flying Konkan Zipline Adventure Sports

As an IT engineer and a robotics expert, Vaishnavi Joil was as far away from starting an adventure tourism company, as anyone else! Yet the pandemic happened and the dream to form a tech Start-up transformed into a deep desire to do something to uplift the people of her hometown, Devgad, and put it on […]

Krushnaa Patil Mountaineer | Motivational Speaker | Entrepreneur | Author

s a multi-faceted personality, Krushnaa Patil cannot be defined by just one of the several passions that drive her life! Apart from being a trained and acclaimed mountaineer, motivational speaker (6 TED Talks and counting!), she is also a trained Kathak dancer, chef and entrepreneur, Women’s rights and inclusivity champion, sustainability and green practices advocate […]

Adventurous Road trip…

Generally speaking, road trips are fun. Especially after the traffic snarls of Lucknow and daily commute on chaotic roads, highways are a great relief. This time around we planned a road trip to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.Our route guide to the destination was quintessentially the GPS. Well… so far so good, we chose to […]

Zodiac Camaraderie (Leo)

We have all grown up reading Linda Goodman and other books and magazines, reading our horoscopes and finding our perfect match, for friendship, love affair or even to do business with. If you always have questions on the secrets of compatibility, we are here to help.zodiac zodiac In this section, we will share insights from […]

Shital Mahajan – a professional skydiver

Tell us about you and your family. Hi, my name is Shital Mahajan I am a professional skydiver. In 2006, I received the first National award in adventure sports, the ‘Tensing Norgay National Adventure Award’. In 2011, I received India’s fourth-highest civilian National award, ‘Padma Shri’. In 2018, I received the first International medal, ‘Sabiha […]

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