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5 Vegan Christmas Delights even Santa will LOVE!

During Christmas, Cakes become a special treat for all of us. Cakes have a special place in every Indian household keeping the festivities alive with its sweetness, rich texture and taste. We have all grown up celebrating new beginnings with a variety of Cakes, which is why we associate them with happy memories with friends and […]


ये शब्द बड़े बलवानये शब्द बड़े नादानये शब्द हैं क्रांति भी,ये शब्द हैं भ्रान्ति भीये शब्द हैं रणभेरी भीये शब्द हैं शांति भीये शब्द..कुछ अहसासकुछ परिहासकभी सोचे समझेकभी अनायासये शब्द हैं आजये शब्द रचे इतिहासये शब्द हैं इंकलाबये बवंडर, ये सैलाबये आग, ये आबये सुकून, ये तापये दुआ, ये शापये शब्द..कभी प्यार से निकलेकभी बस […]

Collab Event

#womenshine #kathachaupal EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT Womenshine X KathaChaupaal ‘Navratri is on and Dussehra is around the corner’Katha Chaupaal in collaboration with Womenshine, a Global Digital Magazine brings to you the exclusive ‘learn in a fun manner’ workshop for children in Lucknow🤩🤩 DATE: 22ND OCTOBER’23TIME: 4PM TO 6.30PM REGISTER NOW !!!!! This workshop includes:-*Introduction of nine forms […]

Trip down the memory lane

I relish my childhood days and I think I had the best time of my life during my childhood. Those were the golden days. Coming to this Janmashtami my memories again goes long way many years back in the 80s……. I used to live in the Chandralok Hydel colony. On Janmashtami day the whole day […]

Adventurous Road trip…

Generally speaking, road trips are fun. Especially after the traffic snarls of Lucknow and daily commute on chaotic roads, highways are a great relief. This time around we planned a road trip to Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh.Our route guide to the destination was quintessentially the GPS. Well… so far so good, we chose to […]

‘La Tomatina’ Bunol Spain

If music is food for the soul, travel must be fire for the soul; once ignited, it leads us to new destinations and new experiences, enriching our life like nothing else. No wonder they call it ‘wanderlust’! Being a freelance anaesthetist who is on call 24×7  in a high-pressure work environment, I realised that a […]

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