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5 Vegan Mithai Recipes

This Diwali is all set to be extra sweet for all the vegans in our midst as the market is flooded with many vegan sweet options. As proof of the growing popularity of the vegan way of life, many traditional mithai brands have come up with vegan options for traditional Indian sweets. The growing popularity of plant-based eating has encouraged the best brands like Vijay Sweets, […]

Alone but not Lonely !!

We live in a world that is constantly filled with posts, reels, and updates on social media. I often see people surrounded by others, their happy faces shining through. It seems like the concept of solitude is rare for them. However, what most people fail to understand is that it is possible to be alone […]

कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी

‘ऊधो मोहि बृज बिसरत नाहिं ‘…यदि आपको भी बृजभूमि  का  ऐसा ही एहसास करना है ,जो आपकी स्मृति पटल पर आजीवन,  जीवंत रहे और दिलोदिमाग पर कभी भी फीका  न पड़े तो एक बार कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी पर बृजभूमि पर अवश्य जायें . यूं तो मथुरा वृंदावन या पूरी बृजभूमि में पूरा वर्ष कृष्णमय वातावरण  ही […]

10 Awesome Bus Journeys you must take Right now

‘Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”-Paula Bendfeldt While there are multiple modes of transport, the best and pocket-friendly mode is the bus.  Modern technology and digitalisation have made it easier to travel by bus. The blog throws light on the comfort of travelling by bus to far-off destinations via […]


We often hear people saying that they want to eat clean and healthy food but they just don’t find the time to prepare the same which in turn leads to eating take-out or calorie-dense junk foods. It is often a hassle for people to juggle between their work life and planning and preparing healthy meals. Wouldn’t it make life easier to […]

हरियाली तीज स्मृतियां…

तीज पर्व के दो नाम प्रचलित हैं ….आसमान में उमड़ती घुमड़ती काली घटाओं के कारण इस पर्व को कजली (कज्जली)  तीज  और सावन की हरीतिमा के कारण हरियाली तीज के नाम से पुकारते हैं  । इस तीज पर्व पर तीन बातों  के तजने ( छोड़ने ) का भी विधान भी पुस्तकों में मिलता है – […]

Berry – Citrus Sparkle Mocktail

It’s a refreshing experience for your taste buds this summer… try this amazing, flavor-explosive mocktail today… Ingredients: Grapefruit (wedges and juice)Lemon juiceBlueberryMulberry compoteGingerMintVanilla extractSugar simple syrup or honey as per choiceChilled soda Method: Take wedges of grapefruit, lemon, blueberry, ginger, and mint in a glass and muddle them. Add berry compote (here I have used […]

बारिश और बचपन

निया ऑफिस से निकली  स्कूटी स्टार्ट करते ही बादलों की रिमझिम से उसका मन भीग कर बचपन में पहुँच गया था जब बारिश में अपने संगी साथियों के साथ   भीगना , झूला झूलना , गीत गाना और डांस करना उसका सबसे प्रिय काम था .  उन्हीं यादों में खोया हुआ उसका  मन  उल्लसित एवं तरंगित […]

Father’s Day: Celebs on what their fathers means to them

Our world would have been nothing without our fathers and father figures. They are our caregivers and nurturers, who equally support our mothers to take care of their children. Father’s Day on June 18 celebrates and recognises fatherhood and the contribution of fathers in our society. Celebs share about the equation and the advice they […]

Health & Happiness

Each and every person possesses a dream of being healthy and active. However, because of their hectic schedules and work obligations, individuals gave up their real dreams. Health and happiness, as we are all aware, are the most important resources that money cannot buy, but they are indeed the saving account. On this World Fitness Day, here are some important tips that you may utilize to […]

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