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5 Vegan Christmas Delights even Santa will LOVE!

During Christmas, Cakes become a special treat for all of us. Cakes have a special place in every Indian household keeping the festivities alive with its sweetness, rich texture and taste. We have all grown up celebrating new beginnings with a variety of Cakes, which is why we associate them with happy memories with friends and […]

World Heart Day 2023: Cracking the Code to a Healthy Heart; The Role of Dry Fruits and Nuts in Women’s Cardiovascular Wellness

A recent study conducted by the University Hospital brought attention to the important findings of cardiologist Dina Sparano. She emphasizes the elevated risk that women experience in relation to heart disease mortality when compared to men. The article also sheds light on a statistic which reads that nearly half a million women lose their lives to heart disease in the United […]

3 Reasons Why Your Kitchen Should Have Olive Pomace Oil

Olive pomace oil, extracted from the pulp of olives, offers unique properties that make it a valuable addition to your kitchen pantry. Here are three compelling reasons to consider incorporating olive pomace oil into your cooking routine. • Neutral Taste – Suitable for All Indian Dishes Olive pomace oil has a mild, neutral taste, making […]

Delicious Diwali Contest ​

Women Shine, Organised a ” Sweet Dish Contest”  and we got amazing recipes from our Readers. All the entries were judged by our Chef Neelima Kapoor, Founder of Kapoor’s Cook & Bake.  The Winner is Jyothi Dev from Iilonis Athirasam- Sweet and Crispy Things required:RiceJaggerySesame OilGingelly oilMethod Soak raw rice 1 cup in plain water for one and a […]

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