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Happily Ever After…

Marriage is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives. It is a partnership between two people who love and respect each other, and who are committed to building a life together. But what does it really mean to be married? And what does it take to have a happy and successful marriage? Money […]


We often hear people saying that they want to eat clean and healthy food but they just don’t find the time to prepare the same which in turn leads to eating take-out or calorie-dense junk foods. It is often a hassle for people to juggle between their work life and planning and preparing healthy meals. Wouldn’t it make life easier to […]

Never Say Die: Neha Bhatt

Have you ever been to Ahmedabad and especially the Sabarmati River Front???? There is a very common sight which is very new to the people there One could; see a  young woman selling tea near the tea stall by the name ” Ampu Tea” at Sabarmati Riverfront Event Centre. She has happened to take social media by storm with her awe-inspiring grit, […]

The Queen tells her Story: Sutapa Basu

Sutapa is well-known for her best-selling historical fiction, Padmavati, The Queen Tells Her Own Story published in 2017 by Readomania Publishers. Her second historical fiction initiated the Invader Series with The Legend of Genghis Khan was published in 2018 by Readomania Publishers and continued with The Curse of Nader Shah was published in 2019 by Readomania Publishers.Sutapa’s short stories have appeared in anthologies, Crossed & Knotted, Defiant Dreams When They Spoke and Write India Stories. Her poems […]

बारिश और बचपन

निया ऑफिस से निकली  स्कूटी स्टार्ट करते ही बादलों की रिमझिम से उसका मन भीग कर बचपन में पहुँच गया था जब बारिश में अपने संगी साथियों के साथ   भीगना , झूला झूलना , गीत गाना और डांस करना उसका सबसे प्रिय काम था .  उन्हीं यादों में खोया हुआ उसका  मन  उल्लसित एवं तरंगित […]

World Health Day

Quote: You live longer and are happier if you lead a healthy life. One in four Indians is now in peril of dying from non-communicable conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular complaint, or cancer before they turn 70 due to the rising frequency of liver diseases in India. Bad habits like a poor diet, inactivity, erratic sleeping […]

Culture Shocks: What are they and how to deal with it

All of us experience some kind of culture shock when we travel to a different place. Even when we travel to different states in India, we face different culture shocks as we are a diverse community. This culture shock may not necessarily be negative though as that’s what exploring a new city is about. However, […]

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