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Power to strive more

Aparna Mishra is one of the eminent entrepreneur & a philanthropist, provided the foundation and inspiration for the emergence of the Aparna Consumer Services Pvt. Ltd. (ACSPL)  & Sadbhawna Samiti (NGO) as trusted symbols of quality and excellence in the country’s welfare programs. Journey She was born and raised in Barabanki, U.P. into a middle-class […]

Runjhun Noopur

An award-winning author, entrepreneur and happiness coach. A NALSAR Hyderabad graduate, Runjhun was trained to be a lawyer. However, the black letter of the law did not appeal to her creative and spiritual instincts. Instead, she chose to set out on an eclectic journey driven by her love for writing and spiritual instincts. Over the […]

Festivals around the World – October 2020

As monsoon subsides, leaves falling off the trees mark the arrival of autumn or fall, a time for celebration across cultures and around the world. October is the month of thanksgiving, harvests and light. Here are some of the popular autumn festivals around the world. Oktoberfest: Germany (cancelled due to the pandemic)It is the world’s […]

Taramati S Matiwade- Yachtswoman

She is a ‘water girl’ and always enjoys sailing in the water. She loves the sound of the waves. Our famous yachtswoman, Taramati S Matiwade is from Kolhapur. Passionate about sailing, she runs the Yachting Association of Kolhapur. She has made a space for herself in the men’s world, standing shoulder to shoulder in many […]

Sparkling Priyanka Singh

Q. Tell us about yourself, what inspired you to become an entrepreneur. I hail from a Feudal Rajput family located in a small town Shukulbazar, where girls are empowered but the avenues to explore their potential are limited. My Amma (grandmother), the pristine lady of her times was the best example for this, who attended […]

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