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Take care of that ‘butterfly’ down your throat for a happier life

If you feel under the weather and drowsy at all times, are peevish and susceptible to the common cold, there is cause to sit up and take notice. You also need to be careful if there is a sudden increase or decrease in body weight, without any remarkable change in lifestyle. Your thyroid gland could […]

Explore the impact of stress, sleep, and exercise on thyroid function

The thyroid, a tiny butterfly-shaped gland in the neck, regulates several body activities, including metabolism, energy generation, and hormone balance. Lifestyle variables including stress, sleep, and exercise may all have an impact on the delicate balance of thyroid function. Understanding the complicated dance between these variables can provide insight into how to maintain optimal thyroid […]

Cervical Cancer in Older Women: Risks and Recommendations

Cervical cancer is a serious health concern that primarily affects women, and while it is often associated with younger age groups, it can also pose a significant threat to older women. There are some potential risks as well as recommendations for cervical cancer in older women, shedding light on the importance of continued awareness and […]

My Saree Story

I firmly believe the saree is neither a ceremonial attire nor just a relic from the past. It’s “The” garment of the future. It can be cool, it can be comfortable, it can be chic. To me, saree represents purity, sanctity, strength, independence and confidence along with a strong cultural significance. It carries with it […]

From Boardrooms to Negotiation Donning the Empowering Elegance of Sarees

In the bustling world of corporate attire, where suits and ties dominate, there exists a timeless garment that transcends cultural boundaries—the saree. It is not merely a piece of fabric; it is a six-yard embodiment of grace, style, and empowerment. Picture a room filled with tailored suits, blazers, and ties, and amidst them stands an […]

Astaberry Indulge | Ayurveda lifestyle

Astaberry is a brand that started its journey in 2005, driven by a vision of providing natural and effective beauty solutions rooted in Ayurvedic wisdom. Today, we proudly introduce “Astaberry Indulge,” a new skincare line designed to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers. With this range we not only provide effective skincare but also a […]

अकेले हैं तो क्या गम है

68 वर्षीय कुसुमजी बहुत चुस्तदुरुस्त एक्टिव महिला थीं परंतु अचानक  पति के बिछोह ने मानों उनकी दुनिया ही उजाड़ दी . बेटा अमेरिका ले जाने को तैयार था परंतु वहाँ की लाइफ स्टाइल वह देख चुकी थीं . वह दुनिया से कट कर उदास,  बीमार …जीवन के सभी रंगों से मुँह मोड़ कर जिंदा लाश […]

“Navigating the Storm: Menopause’s Profound Impact on Women’s Mental and Physical Health”

The natural biological process known as menopause, which signals the end of a woman’s reproductive years, is a major life transition that has an impact on women in several ways. Not only can it affect the end of menstruation, but it can also have a significant impact on a woman’s physical and mental health. In […]

The ABCs of Balanced Nutrition: Adequacy, Balance, and Moderation

We have heard of nutrition and how it builds us. We may directly refer to the food we consume as the only focal point for providing us with nutrition on a pro-rata basis. This is not an accurate definition, as nutrition is the combined result of whatever food we consume, along with the process the body undergoes to convert this same food to energy and several crucial components that the body needs.  This […]

How can you Control Overeating?

Food is the fuel your body needs – that’s true for every animal. But for humans, food goes beyond that. We have mastered the culinary arts – which means we don’t just eat food to sustain ourselves but to have an experience that’s enjoyable for our mouths, our palates and our souls. That comes with […]

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