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Girl Up Ikhtiyar’s Fundraiser

Girl Up Ikhtiyar, an organisation affiliated with the United Nations Foundation’s Girl Up initiative, recently hosted an extraordinary fundraising event called ‘Spookshow.’ This event, held at Bella Vie Cafe in Champa Gali on October 30th, had a noble purpose: to raise funds under United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees’s (UNRWA) ‘Gather For […]

वह लड़की

नई दिल्ली रेलवे स्टेशन के एक नंबर प्लेट फार्म पर 25 वर्षीय हैण्डसम आरव अपनी ट्रेन की प्रतीक्षा कर रहा था । सर्दी अपने शबाब पर थी , शाम के 7 बजे थे परंतु कुहासे और ठंड के कारण प्लेटफॉर्म  पर पूरी तरह सन्नाटा पसरा हुआ था … कोहरे के कारण ट्रेन एक – एक […]

Some common breastfeeding mistakes every mother should avoid

Breastfeeding is an important and beautiful element of parenting, with various advantages for both the mother and the baby. As natural as breastfeeding may feel, it’s not always easy. There is a lot that can go wrong with nursing, from choosing a comfortable breastfeeding position to ensuring that the baby is latching properly. Unfortunately, new mothers frequently make blunders that negatively impair […]

From Janhvi Kapoor’s gym wear to Richa Ravi Sinha’s Classy fashion choices to Ananya Panday’s party outfits ; Top 5 GenZ Actresses Redefining Fashion

Bollywood’s new generation is closing in, and their fashion game is certainly distinct as they are. One look at their social media accounts and you realise they raise the bar when it comes to style statements. Here are 5 GenZ Actresses who have started numerous fashion trends with their bold and beautiful looks. Sara Ali […]

ASMR- A Healthier Way to Fall Asleep and much more?

Autonomous sensory meridian response (better known as ASMR) is the new so-called “trend”, however, does it work? Lots of sleep studies have been conducted leading scientists to look to experiment with different sounds, smells, and experiences to help people fall asleep. However, is ASMR the answer to most of our questions and the answer to our sleepless nights? […]


It’s the time of the year again Numbing cold nights and mornings As we shiver, these plants flower A beautiful sight for sore eyes, Rows of bright yellow blossoms, Facing the sky, inviting the sun. They definitely bring good tidings Positive Energy,Enthusiasm, Smiles Brings joy just to see the plethora of blooms. Folklore says they […]

Mughda Godse

Mugdha Veira Godse launches her saaree brand ‘Saaree Mood’ by Mugdha Veira Godse…  Actress Mugdha Godse is set to become an entrepreneur as she launches her saaree venture, ‘Saaree Mood’ On the auspicious occasion of Diwali, she officially launched her saaree brand along with the website named www.saareemood.com. At the launch, Actor Rahul Dev was present, […]

Music Mania in the Eighties

Listening to music has been an integral part of my life since childhood. Music to me is like breathing, as one can’t stop breathing one can’t stop listening to music. Music is said to be the medicine of the mind and I come from a family of music maniacs. Each of us has our taste […]

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