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Digital Activism and the Global Sisterhood: Uniting Women Across Borders

In an increasingly interconnected world, the power of digital activism has risen to prominence, transcending geographical boundaries and empowering women to make their voices heard on a global scale. The digital era has ushered in a new wave of activism, allowing women from all corners of the globe to come together as part of a united sisterhood to create meaningful change. This article highlights inspiring […]

Jeeva Rangaraj: A transgender who serves as a beacon of hope for all

For transgender individuals, the path to recognition and assertion of their true identity often presents formidable obstacles, frequently leading to strained relationships with their families and society. However, within this struggle to live authentically, many individuals emerge as beacons of light, advocating not only for their own rights but also for the rights of others. […]


In today’s world, equality for working women transcends mere opportunity. It signifies an environment where their potential isn’t defined by gender. It’s about fair wages, representation at all levels, and workplaces free from bias. Equality means shared responsibilities at home, erasing the “double shift.” It’s the right to voice opinions without prejudice and to rise […]

Beti Zindabad, Aurat Zindabad!

We Need to Ensure Gender Equity Across All Spheres “…but, look, the self that hovers in between is neither man nor woman O Ramanatha” – Devara Dasimayya The vachanas or recitations of the tenth century CE Virsaiva poet-saints such as Devara Dasimayya, show that the recognition of gender equality was there for more than a millennium. However, […]


“As a co-founder and CMO of Tummoc, I’m right there with the modern working women, gravitating towards a culture of equality. We strive for equality in everything we do. Equality needs to be like the air we breathe, vital and everywhere. It’s the solid base that every woman needs to stand on as we reach […]

Empowering Change: Celebrating Women’s Equality Day

In a world that has long been marred by the shadows of gender-based violence and inequality, the significance of Women’s Equality Day cannot be overstated. As a steadfast advocate for the rights and safety of women, our not-for-profit organisation Sakshi takes immense pride in commemorating this day, reflecting on our journey, in the prevention of […]

Pathway to Empowerment and Progress

A Women’s Equality Day is a celebration for all the women out there who are reaching new heights of success with their exceptional abilities while some are striving to fulfil their goals and breaking stereotypes of society. This day not only reminds us of the milestones achieved in the pursuit of women’s rights but also underscores […]

Empowering Women

Gender discrimination brings cultural, social, economic, and educational differences in the nation that pushes the country backwards. Enabling women to exercise their right to equality, as stated in the Constitution of India, stands as the most potent approach to eradicating such vices. By placing a strong emphasis on gender equality, women’s empowerment has been advanced throughout India. It should be […]

Rights of Transgender in India

The transgenders in India haven’t just had a legal fight to fight but a social fight as well. With society not accepting transgenders and discriminating against them, it hasn’t been an easy journey for them to deal with all the social oppression, mental pressure, physical violence, and more. As per the Indian Constitution, there are […]

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