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Gender Equality in the Workplace

In recent years, Gender equality in the workplace has gained a lot of momentum and importance in our society. So many companies around the world try to run by the values of being a more inclusive and fair space for all. However, the battle has only just begun. The disparity between gender in various industries […]

Empowering Women in India’s Workforce

The talk about gender equity today is at a critical juncture. In India’s rapidly growing economy, a lot of work has been done in terms of parity, but there are miles to go before we can truly claim to be an unbiased nation. As we talk about how employee benefits help Indian women move up at work, […]

Empowerment through Entrepreneurship: Celebrating Women-Owned Businesses on Women’s Equality Day

In today’s ever-evolving business landscape, a radiant phenomenon emerges on the horizon: the ascendancy of women-owned businesses. These enterprises transcend mere commercial ventures; they stand as beacons of empowerment, illuminating a transformative journey that reverberates across industries and societies. Their resilience, innovation, and determination personify the essence of empowerment. By breaking through traditional gender roles […]

Beti Zindabad, Aurat Zindabad!

We Need to Ensure Gender Equity Across All Spheres “…but, look, the self that hovers in between is neither man nor woman O Ramanatha” – Devara Dasimayya The vachanas or recitations of the tenth century CE Virsaiva poet-saints such as Devara Dasimayya, show that the recognition of gender equality was there for more than a millennium. However, […]


“As a co-founder and CMO of Tummoc, I’m right there with the modern working women, gravitating towards a culture of equality. We strive for equality in everything we do. Equality needs to be like the air we breathe, vital and everywhere. It’s the solid base that every woman needs to stand on as we reach […]

With over 50% of women workforce gender equality is still a myth in the hospitality sector

In a world that celebrates progress and innovation, one industry continues to grapple with a persistent challenge: achieving true gender equality. The hospitality sector, despite its vibrant aura and dynamic appeal, remains an arena where gender disparities cast a shadow over the progress made by remarkable women. As we commemorate Women’s Equality Day, it’s time […]

How far India Inc. has reached to overcome the dimensions of gender diversity & inclusion in the workplace?

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become crucial pillars of organizational success and we have been witnessing an increased emphasis on promoting DEI in the workplace. Organizations have been making significant strides to foster an inclusive work environment that not only embraces diversity but also promotes equitable opportunities for all employees. India’s corporate landscape has […]

Bridging the Gender Gap in India

Women’s equality, a driving force of social progress and human rights, represents the ongoing effort to ensure that women have the same rights, opportunities, and recognition as their male counterparts. The Indian workforce currently shows a stark gender imbalance, with only 10% of eligible working-age women compared to men. Bridging this gap could boost India’s GDP by nearly […]

How Women’s Equality Means Universal Growth

Creating an open and equal space for women serves as a roadmap and inspiration for generations to come. Its message transcends gender boundaries, emphasizing that achieving equality for women is synonymous with societal progress and prosperity. This progress and change will eventually seep into further inclusion, and equity for everyone. The World Economic Forum expects that it […]

Advancing Progress and Equality by Empowering Women

With the increasing importance of women professionals, the human resources (HR) industry has seen a significant transition. In this article, we examine the crucial part that women play in HR, highlighting their accomplishments, difficulties, and the transforming influence they have on workplaces all around the world. We hope to spur further development in establishing inclusive workplaces that fully utilize […]

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