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A Coat of Many Colors

For a country with one of the youngest and most diverse populations – maintaining true inclusion where everyone feels equal, valued and empowered remains a constant challenge. As much as 36% of LGBTQ+ individuals face discrimination and 65% tread with caution in the workplace. These figures are more than statistics—they are the silent echoes of […]

Pride month: Legal victories and highlighting ongoing battles

Pride Month is a time for celebration, reflection, and advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community worldwide. In India, the journey toward equality has seen significant legal victories, yet numerous challenges persist. This article delves into the recent legal amendments, the strides made, and the battles still being fought by the community in India. Legal Victories: Progress […]

Celebrating Pride Month: A Journey Through Advocacy, Intersectionality, and Cultural Celebrations

Pride Month, celebrated every June, serves as a powerful reminder of the LGBTQ+ community’s ongoing journey toward acceptance and equality. It’s a time for reflection, celebration, and advocacy, encompassing themes that resonate deeply across personal, social, and professional spheres. Personal Journeys: Stories of Courage and Resilience At the heart of Pride Month are the personal journeys of countless individuals who have bravely […]

How businesses can support LGBTQ+ employees and consumers

Every June, Social Media erupts in a vibrant display of rainbows as Pride Month takes centre stage. Businesses unfurl rainbow flags, launch limited-edition Pride merchandise, conduct sensitization sessions, panel discussions and a lot more. While this outward celebration is commendable, true LGBTQIA+ inclusion requires a deeper commitment that extends far beyond a single month. Creating […]

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