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World of stylish and comfy footwear: Paragon

Step into the world of stylish and comfy footwear with these stunning pairs of sandals. Available in two eye-catching colors, they are sure to be the perfect addition to your festive outfits – Grey and Mehndi. These sandals feature a minimalist design with a wide strap across the top, making them a breeze to slip […]

Breaking Barriers: How Women Entrepreneurs Harness Technology for Remarkable Success

Technology has been a game changer for businesses all around the world, levelling the playing field and opening up new paths to success. Women entrepreneurs, in particular, have used technology to overcome traditional hurdles and achieve exceptional success in their companies. In this piece, let’s look at how women entrepreneurs are using technology to help […]

My Journey as a Woman Entrepreneur: Navigating Challenges and Harnessing Digital Tools for Growth

My Path as a female entrepreneur has been nothing short of a roller-coaster ride. Along the way, I’ve faced many obstacles that at times felt insurmountable. Yet, the digital era has brought forth a surge of resources and chances that have not only assisted me in overcoming these obstacles but have also sparked and fueled […]

How female dominated PR industry can usher in a new era of Women’s Equality

In a realm traditionally regarded as a female stronghold, the public relations (PR) industry wields immense influence in shaping narratives, perceptions, and trends. This Women’s Equality Day, as we celebrate progress towards gender parity, it’s time to spotlight the dynamic realm of PR, where women dominate the landscape. The PR industry’s inherently diverse and communicative nature provides an opportune platform to drive transformative change and […]

Bridging the Gender Gap in India

Women’s equality, a driving force of social progress and human rights, represents the ongoing effort to ensure that women have the same rights, opportunities, and recognition as their male counterparts. The Indian workforce currently shows a stark gender imbalance, with only 10% of eligible working-age women compared to men. Bridging this gap could boost India’s GDP by nearly […]

6 ways Women Entrepreneurs in PR can take women empowerment to the next level

In a world that’s embracing diversity and smashing stereotypes, women entrepreneurs in the public relations (PR) realm are emerging as trailblazers of change. Armed with resilience, creativity, and a determination to shatter the glass ceiling, they’re not just excelling in the PR landscape but are also championing the cause of women’s empowerment. As these remarkable leaders navigate the dynamic world of PR, they […]

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